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Can't find my country code to create a Yahoo account

Dear Yahoo, I am trying to create Yahoo email account but having difficulty because my country South Sudan is not on the list and so the phone country code is not on the list too. Thus if I register using the country code for the Sudan, would not be able to receive a message from you (our country code +211). Now how can I overcome this p... Read more

Black Friday VPN Deal 2019

Every tech company celebrates Black Friday and offer great sales on tech product for a single day. But first time in the history, PureVPN is celebrating Black Friday with superb discount. It offers 88% OFF on 5 years plan in just $79 for limited time.

No charging Light and no power

Hello, Hello bro... I used my laptop last night Great and well but today i was faced great problem it doesnot trun on or no charge indicating.. My adapter is good

Nokia doesn't accept files or apps

Hello, my nokia 5310c doesn't accept any file or app like opera mini or game

How to silence Windows notification sounds only when computer is in sleep mode

To my surprise, Windows 10 wakes me up in the middle of the night with various notification sounds even though I have placed it in sleep mode. Is there a way around this inconvenience?

Laptop won't use headphones

Hello, My laptop doesn't detect or understand that I've plugged my headphones in, and continues playing audio through the main speakers. I'm on a Dell G3 17 and I think windows 10, I've tried using the control panel and looking for "RealTek HD Audio Manager" but I don't have one. What do I do? Read more

Which laptop is best for gaming?

If you compare gaming laptops these days, they are giving the same performance as compared to best PCs, and they're getting closer every day. One more thing for you, If you buy a good gaming laptop then there will be no game that will stand in your way. I will say go to ( https://www.geektech.support/ ) if you want to buy a genuine laptop... Read more

Power issue with my HP laptop

Hello, I had a problem with my laptop yesterday...I was transferring some files into my pen drive and tap the sleep button of my laptop. All of a sudden the power light turned solid white and I don't understand why because when you plug in the charger it still remains white even with the charger. I tried taking off the battery and it we... Read more


I have no problems with any of the answers given for FB not sending me a password reset code. They simply will not do it but entering an old password they sure know that is my old one but my new one they will not let me into my account, nor send me a code with my registered email. Are they trying to do this deliberately or is this a funny... Read more

Disable account

Hello, this is Sakib madbor and this is my real Facebook account. But my Facebook account where disable by mistake. Please review my account and give me back my account. I requested to Facebook team for give me back my account. Thanks in advance.