Im a tech enthusiast and an aspiring musician whos on a mission to seek discomfort. Also i love to be a part of constructive discussions

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Can't find my country code to create a Yahoo account

Dear Yahoo, I am trying to create Yahoo email account but having difficulty because my country South Sudan is not on the list and so the phone country code is not on the list too. Thus if I register using the country code for the Sudan, would not be able to receive a message from you (our country code +211). Now how can I overcome this p... Read more

Power issue with my HP laptop

Hello, I had a problem with my laptop yesterday...I was transferring some files into my pen drive and tap the sleep button of my laptop. All of a sudden the power light turned solid white and I don't understand why because when you plug in the charger it still remains white even with the charger. I tried taking off the battery and it we... Read more