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August 17, 2008

MS Excel codes

Hello, I am having a problem about MS Excel. What codes should I type if I need to replace all cells with negative sums with ZERO (0)? Please help me in this matter. Thank you!

Sending different email on receipt of another

Hello, I can't find a way to do this in Outlook but it seems like there should be a way. If an email comes in from a particular user, I want to send a different email to another email address. Basically, I want to send an email that says "Hey, Joe sent an email. Go check it out." It can't be a forward because of company rules. I ju... Read more

OSX Leopard

Hello, I will preface this by saying "this might be a dumb question" but.... Can I run OSX Leopard on a my mac that is OSX version 10.3.9? I need some advice about the possibilities of making my computer more current but I realize that I don't have the newer processor. Maybe I'm out of luck but I certainly can't afford a new computer. ... Read more