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August 30, 2008

im not getting data folders in my drives

Hello, dear sir, im not getting my data in drives like my tally data and other types of data also. plz give me ans as soon as possible.

VBA Code

Hello, I am very very new to VBA, (although I did some VB in college), and am attempting to create an Excel Macro that will allow me to search through all values in one column, and based on those values, enter a corresponding (but not equal) value into the adjacent column. For the purpose of example (although these are not exactly t... Read more

Device Manager

Hello, I am trying to down load pictures from my new Nikon digital camera. After installing the disk the computer does not recognize my camera. I spoke with the help desk at Nikon and there appears to be be a problem with my device manager and was advised that this is a serious problem with the computer. When I try to open it I get a b... Read more

password stolen and mail tampered with

Hello, I have just reported to the Cyber Crime cell that my password was stolen and the thief changed my password and my secret answer is tampered with. I cannot access my mail and someone has sent letters to all my contacts asking them for a huge some of money giving another address and stating that I am in severe distress. Fortunately... Read more

Facing problem with Audio & display & vide

Hello, Last month i was purchased hp-530 laptop in hyderaBAD, NOW GETTING PROBLEM WITH aUDIO & DISPLAY THESE TWO ARE NOT WORKING PROPERLY, PLZ GIVEME THE exact solution & plz give me the Url address for download the same issue Thanks & Regards Ashok.M Read more

Driver issue

Hello, sir i purchase a kingston 2gb pen drive but my pc can not install the device driver software in windows vista

i need my email

Hello, plz my email is either stoled or a virus took my email it gave me the password is incorrect, i sent to my email an email to ask who did this and it replied by an email: vacation reply for some websites . can anyone help me plz thanks a lot

ERROR 0200: Failure Fixed Disk 0

Hello, Need Help I have an ACER Aspire 3050 laptop. I am getting this message "ERROR 0200: Failure Fixed Disk 0" and . I fthought it was an HDD issue so I got a new one. I replaced it but the message remained. at times it boots and when you are using it, it hungs and later on shows a blue screen of a corrupt OS. What could be causing ... Read more

DVD to VCD conversion

Hello, i want to convert my DVDs into VCDs format. What program must I use for that? I want to transfer them to the my PC's hard disk afterwards, do you think that it's a good idea? Rgds, Gerard

Drives and folders not open by double click [Solved/Closed]

Sir, I try to change the drive icon and folder file type from folder options/file types tab/advanced button. Then I have change the icons from downloaded icons. but now the drives and folders not open on double click. what can I do?System Configuration: Windows XP Internet Explorer 6.0 Read more

Trouble with online gaming

Hey, Ok basically my problem is very similar to the one in this thread: 11615 trouble with online gaming when using router I have a laptop, home computer and my brother's computer and 2 xbox 360's connected (wired) to one router. Now basically when both me and my brother play our xbox's on Call of Duty ... Read more