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January 3, 2009

Internet Explorer blocked by firewall! [Solved/Closed]

Hi, I am currently at breaking point after spending 4 hours today trying to sort out my computer. My problem is that I cannot use internet explorer 7, yet I have connection to the internet as I can use my outlook mail. The error message just says windows cannot access the internet as there is a problem with the connection. When running t... Read more

Problem with MSN contacts in YM

Hello, I am having the same problem as: 98597 i am using ym msn contact see me as offline Some additonal information: The MSN contact appears offline to me too. However, I can start an IM chat with them. They can see my posts but I cannot see theirs. I can see that they are actively using MSn becaus... Read more

moble to PC connection

Hello, Does the XP Vista version on PC support GPRS connection from Mobile to PC

Configuring proxy through batch file [Solved]

Hello, hi, I have created one batch file to add dns server detail automatically with the netsh command. i want to configure the proxy details in Internet explorer so that I dont need to go to internet options-connection-lan setting-then proxy server optiop I can configure it by batch file. thanks in advance Regards RajeshSystem C... Read more

Windows Vista CD (Copy)

Hello all, I was wondering something. I needed to know where can I get the torrent or the file to burn a legit copy of Microsoft Windows Vista?? I know it is possible because I saw this guy have a copy of the XP Cd. He wouldn't tell me how he got it because he worked at a computer repair shop (i'm guessing he would lose buisiness) if any... Read more


Hello, i have in office wireless network, i can access in my system home. and i am connected lan to hub network connected 100mbps telling but not coming net.? net Tata Vsnl.

Help with removal

Hello, I have this program on my computer that call Ultimate Computer protection SystemProtector. I cant get it off my computer I had already purchase Norton,I think the kids downloaded it by mistake,I cant get it off it keep telling me to purchase it and that I have all kinds of virus and it want let me open Norton it want let me system... Read more

somebody help me

Hello, i want 2 download test drive unilimited but i dont know where can i. somebody help me 2 find the correct site. thank u.

Windows xp Corrupt config.sys

Hello, I have dual boot win 98 and XP Xp stopped booting - congig sys corrupt - then stopped booting. tried repair reinstall XP ...change bios sequence to CD rom 1st boot and HDD 2nd but pc would not open CD rom This time the cd rom was not visible in Bios , only DVD rom there - set this as 1st boot device but no response - boot ... Read more

os problem

Hello, my computer is acceamble problem is when start my computer, computer automatic restart frist load xp than screen become blank than return load xp so i can not opet my computer , so what i have do ? plz ans me Read more

my wifi doesn't work

My wifi settings are working on one of my games but not my other game What does that mean?