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why isn't my memory card detecting

heey everyone, i really need your help ook so i toke photos. and i tried to put them on my hp laptop i have tried both ways 1. plugging my camera into my laptop with a cord 2. putting the memory card in the slot. neither have worked. when i plug something into my laptop ( etc. the charger) it seems to have a light telling me its ... Read more

Laptop won't turn on.How do i fix it?

Hello, I have a COMPAQ Presario Cq40 laptop whose two years old. While my sister was playing with it, baby brother threw an empty food can and sadly hit my laptop. It suddenly went off and wouldn't start anymore. I tried removing the battery and turned it on while its plugged in. It still wont start but the power button would glow eve... Read more

Any Free Mac Data Recovery Programs, Really? [Closed]

Hello, I have several very important documents accidentally deleted from my iMac. I can't find it anywhere now, guess it is probably because the kid has dragged them to the Trash and emptied Trash bin on my Mac. I don't have Time Machine backups. Tried on Google for free mac data recovery program, installed 2 but neither are freeware ... Read more

problem after reseting my toshiba [Solved]

Hello, I followed the steps you said to reset my Toshiba to factory settings But its been showing a blue screen that says configuring system over and over What can I do to fix it Thanks in advance Configuration: iPhone / Safari 533.1 Read more

skype setup.exe install problems

Hello, i have downloaded the set.exe file but it does not get installed, i m searching for a u99 64 bit to help fix this but cant get anything. i am in dubai , uae and seems the network providers here block the set up files from being executed. any help is apreciated, thanks Configuration: Windows 7 / Internet Explorer 8.0 Read more

How to reset hp laptop?

Hello, Can you tell me how to reset my hp dv6000 windows vista to factory settings? I cant get my laptop to do wireless networking anymore. Im just out of options... I dont have a disc for recovery because it was given to me. If @ all possible please tell me how to do it without one. Sinceely, hp user Configuration: iPhone... Read more

Canon Pixma MP480 "Low Ink" error

Hello, I have a Canon Pixma MP480 which is reporting "Low Ink" to my computers (Mac OS X v10.6.6) when it reports full ink on the little printer status screen. These are brand new Canon print carts not refills or off-brands. I have tried three different computers (a MacBook, a MacBook Pro & a Mac Deskside), power cycled, tried two d... Read more

how to use iphone assembled in china

Hello, my brother recently gave me one of these phones and im wondering how you download apps from the computer or itunes or if it even works at to coneect it to the computer to itunes and download songs or videos please help Configuration: Windows 7 / Internet Explorer 8.0 Read more

Problems with an external hard drive WD 320GB

Hello, I have had my WD 320gb for 2 years. It had been working perfectly fine until yesterday. My computer does not recognize it anymore. I have tried many solutions but it still would not work. When I plug the hard drive in, it does not show up in "My Computer". I go to "Disk Management", but it doesn't show up there either. The only t... Read more

My external will not load

Hi All, I was starting to format my external hard drive when one of the kids disconnected the usb cord. Now the device isn't being recognized by the PC. Apart from the 'ding' when the device is connected and the fact that I can see it in the device manager (as a USB Mass Storage Device with Errors only) the pc does not interact wi... Read more

Internet is fine but my laptop wont connect!

Hello, I cant find a solution to my specific problem anywhere on the internet so i'm asking myself! Basically about two months ago my laptop simply stopped connecting to the internet - it connects to the wireless BUT only locally. Now i know that it is not a problem with the the wireless connection because other laptops can connect ... Read more

wpl (avi) to mp3 audio converter

Hello, i want to convert wpl file which is avi to mp3 audio, please help. Configuration: Windows XP / Firefox 3.5.16

how can i recover my mp3?!

Hello, just yesterday i went to download a new program so i could download mp3s onto my computer, to put them onto my sony mp3 player. When i downloaded this new program, it came up with ALL my mp3s in its library to share with others. i didn't want them to be shared so i deleted them all out of the library. once i deleted them, th... Read more

I lost my CD drive for my Webcam.

Hello, I lost my cd drive for my webcam. I dont know the code either. its just All black and old. I need the code ASAP cause, my brother is going across seas for the army


Hello, I reset sync history & now walkman is dead!!! nothing!!! I tried to find it under device manager, so I could uninstall, but it isnit showing up as walkman or portable device?? what else would it be? & what should I do now??? pssse help someone who knows this stuff!!! Configuration: Windows XP / Firefox 3.0.19 Read more