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Memory card password has been forgotten.

Hello, my transcend 4gb memory card is locked with password. As I had forgotten the password I want to unlock it. Because I had many important files in it. So plz help me Configuration: / Opera 9.80

wpl (avi) to mp3 audio converter

Hello, i want to convert wpl file which is avi to mp3 audio, please help. Configuration: Windows XP / Firefox 3.5.16

how to format 32gb usb disk

Hello, i have 32gb usb disk. i tried to format usb disk,but windows7 display below message "[indows was unable to complete the format" and i have checked below steps Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/Control/StorageDevicePolicies In the right pane select writeprotect RESET the value to '0' ... Read more

problem after reseting my toshiba [Solved]

Hello, I followed the steps you said to reset my Toshiba to factory settings But its been showing a blue screen that says configuring system over and over What can I do to fix it Thanks in advance Configuration: iPhone / Safari 533.1 Read more

Any Free Mac Data Recovery Programs, Really? [Closed]

Hello, I have several very important documents accidentally deleted from my iMac. I can't find it anywhere now, guess it is probably because the kid has dragged them to the Trash and emptied Trash bin on my Mac. I don't have Time Machine backups. Tried on Google for free mac data recovery program, installed 2 but neither are freeware ... Read more

My Sandisk MicroSD Adapter Isnt Working

Hello, I havent put any password or anything on my Sandisk MicroSD adapter but when i put it into my computer nothing comes up but before this problem occured i would put it in and it would show if i wanted to import anything from the memory card to the computer now it shows nothing i looked on this site for solutions and tried them all ... Read more

SD needs to be formatted

Hello, My camera SD card is unreadable after my friend transferred the pictures from her iphone to it. The first time I could, on my laptop, open the folder she created on my camera card, unfortunately, after that I can no longer open the files on this card. The worse thing is that both my camera and laptop show the SD card needs to... Read more

cannot find some data on crashed hard drive

Hello, I have a pc that has recently suffered a windows failure. I bought a device that can be connected to the hard drive(a sata) and connected to my lap top so i can recover data, mainly pictures . now i recovered all i could find which was a considerable amount and then put the hard drive back in the computer to re-instal windows, ama... Read more