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No display on monitor, light blinks [Solved/Closed]

Hello, Yesterday, I was thinking of upgrading my RAM. I bought 512 MB SD RAM, but when I opened my CPU I realized that I am not sure if my machine has SD RAM in it. So, I didn't put the new RAM. I then tried to switch on the machine to run some utility for checking my RAM type. Unfortunately, when I switched on my machine, my displ... Read more

black screen with cursor

Hi, so i have been reading forums after forums working on a friends laptop having the black screen with just the cursor, now i have tried everything i have read from ctrl+alt+del and nothing i have tried the shift button 5 times still nothing.. i also have done and tried all these in safe mode and still nothing.. i also have tried a wind... Read more

Computer lights on-But no boot

Hi Guys, The computer was working very fine and i was working in the program which need lot of memory.In between the monitor blinked and system went off. After that i am not able to boot the computer. The lights are on,but no beep sound, hard disk drive not spinning and cd drive also not working. No signals on the monitor and it ... Read more

External Hard Disk is not opening

Hello Technocrats, I transferred some data into my external hard disk and when I plugged it in another computer, a message box prompts and says "You can't open without formatting it". Help me please as I do not want to loose my precious data.

my pc dsnt booting plz help me

Hello, i have a p3 1giga cpu.. it detects hdd & cd rom both but when time to boot up it hangs....and does not boot anything not hdd or neither cd rom....i have change boot device first to cd rom first but it dsnt boot either....plz help me to fix it...

Inspiron 1545 blue/black color [Solved]

Hello, I was working on my Inspiron 1545 when the screen switch to a blue/black color. I shut down, and rebooted, and when I did it showed "resuming windows", but nothing happens. All I have is the cursor operable. Any idea how to remedy this issue? Thank you Configuration: Windows 7 / Internet Explorer 8.0 Read more

If I Connect My PC & TV The Picture Is Square

Hello, When I connect my laptop to my TV with a VGA lead , the picture shrinks and goes square, even though both are widescreen. Is there any software I need to rectify this? Thanks Configuration: Windows 7 / Firefox 7.0.1

No lights on my asus U46E-RAL5 computer

Hello, Last night was Watching a movie and my computer threw up the message that 10 % remaining on the battery, and I needed to plug it in. Well was going to plug it in and it went into hibernation mode then complete shut down. I have tried charging it, holding down the power button for over a minute, remove the power supply and ba... Read more

About Ip address

Hello, 1. how can i see my ip address? please tell me 5 types(ways) if it can be possible. i know only 2 way. By ipconfig and by network adepter setting. 2. how can i check that my RAM is properly working or not even i have no other system as well as no other RAM? Configuration: Windows Vista / Safari 531.0 Read more

Monitor screen won't display anything.

Hello, I have this problem: My system unit is on,but the monitor screen only display a "no signal" message then nothing. I think it may be the problem of the system unit,not monitor. (Is not laptop) Pls help me. Thanks a lot. Configuration: Windows 7 / Internet Explorer 8.0 Read more

Black screen after microsoft corporation scrn

Hello, i have a toshiba satellite. i was browsing the web yesterday morning when my computer unplugged now when i try to boot it up it goes up the the microsoft corporation screen (where its loading) after that i get a black screen (sometimes with a movable cursor). I tried doing ever option to reboot it and it wont work. when i look a... Read more

uninstall [Solved]

Hello, Configuration: Windows XP / Firefox 7.0.1 i want to uninstall avira anti virus but everytime i perform it a dialog box will pop out and stated "setup could not be determined the feature control file or was not able to read it correctly (error code:7). what does it mean? Read more

Booting vista

Hello, I would like to mention that im using vista 32bit. Today when i've tried to boot my pc , it stuck in the loading screen of the windows , i had a blue screen of death for 1 second and then blackscreen, had to restart . I tried on safe mode and i get the same . Then i entered the setup , changed the priority , 1st - cd/dvd 2nd - h... Read more

WD HD stopped working when printer installed [Solved/Closed]

Hello, I am looking for some help with a driver problem I'm having. I installed an HP Photosmart C410 printer on my computer and my WD External Hard Drive no longer works. I can turn the printer off and it works, but its an all in one and I need it on for faxes that come through. I'm pretty sure its a driver conflict but I can't figur... Read more

my pc turn off automatically please help!!

Hello, So,here's the problem i've that i play online games [gta samp] and i don't have graphic card for it but also it work fine.when i play it turns off automatically and then beeps [ countinous beeps ] and it won't stop after some hours when i turn on the pc the beeps are no that it goes shutdown again and agai... Read more

Someone at there please help!

Hello, my laptop is giving me a message "a disk read error occurred press ctrl +alt +del to restart" I have been trying to download the reprograming for the hard drive but the only thing I can do with this message is what it says "press ctrl+alt+del to restart" on and on. Help someone please!!

My Evesham laptop won't power up.

Hello, This morning my laptop would power up but then turn itself off. I tried removing the battery and starting it but it still went off after a few seconds. I'm a novice to these things and now stumped. Please help.

issue regarding disappears of wall contents.

hello, I'm having serious issues with facebook.. I cant load and view any profiles (including mine), also cant get in to notifications. I update my status but it disappears, while my friends can see my wall post. It reappears some time. There is no notifications of any activity. Please help me. regards Configuration: Window... Read more

browsers cant find pages. but im connected

My internet is not working on my computer but its working fine wirelessly on my iPod and Xbox 360. My browsers cant find the home page or any other page for that matter these are the suggestions I've already tried but to no avail -System restore -Adjusting LAN proxy settings in ie8 and Firefox -Last known good configuration -Compl... Read more