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what is laptop

tell me please what is laptop??Hello, Configuration: Windows 7 / Firefox 16.0

Editing Different Fonts [Solved]

Hello, Can you please tell me how i can edit the font size and parameters like bold,italics of (only) one fonts. To be clear, i want the parameters to change only for a certain specific font. The thing is, the document contains various fonts. In that document, i want to edit specific fonts(including unicode). I use MS Office and OpenOff... Read more

Remove Watermark/Objects in PDF [Solved]

Hello, I wanted to remove watermark/image like objects at particular portion of every page of a pdf. Can anyone please tell me which software app to use? Edit: I've tried Foxit, and I have Adobe Reader. Please, Thank you in Advance Configuration: Windows XP / Firefox 9.0.1 Read more

Youtube Download [Solved/Closed]

Hello, I usually download Youtube Videos with firefox addon Down.Helper... But i was not able to download some youtube videos with it. It's not showing that option. May i know how i can download those videos? Please tell me the solution. Why is it not showing up in Download Helper? Please help me out, i want direct download of fl... Read more