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February 20, 2008

problem with sound

Hello, hi i am bhargava. from 3 days i don't know what happened to my audio. i could not get the sound. i have even tried with system restore. but i doesn't work. i have even seen in the "control panel >system>hardware>device manager>sound,video and game control" i have seen the properties it is showing that it is working properly. i don... Read more

Monitor display turned upside down [Solved/Closed]

Hey there, I'm having an acute problem concerning my monitor. The display has turned upside down and I don't know how to set it the right way. Can you please help me coz it's very disturbing! Hope to hear from you soon...System Configuration: Windows XP Internet Explorer 6.0 Read more

msn virus

Hello, I was on msn messenger or windows messager whatever and i got an im from a friend then she logged off and i clicked the link and i logged in but it wouldnt work (i alredy know it doesnt work) then it happened 2 me 3 more times from different people on my contacts list what do i do?? Read more

help me my computer is fried

Hello,my coputer is fried i cant see the desktop. So i type ctr+alt+del and it brings up windows task manager. but now(2 weeks later) it says cancled by administrater. WHAT HAPPENED ?!?!?!?

Cannot recognize SATA WDC Hard Drive [Solved/Closed]

Hello, My computer is running much slower in last few months, so I decided to format it and reinstall all applications, including operating system Windows XP. After I started the installation and checked for computer setup it comes to the step when I am asked: If I want to repair Windows XP or Install new version of XP I choose In... Read more

Can't see hidden files [Solved/Closed]

Hello, i got a monstrous problem concerning my hidden files, I can't see them anymore and when I enter in tools, folder options so as to click and see my hidden returns back to "do not show" any clue????Configuration: Windows XP Firefox

Need HELP with LAN on 2 computers [Solved]

Hello, I need help to connect my second computer with crossover LAN cable to the first computer to share internet. First computer connects to internet via WIRELESS. When I try to enable LAN on first computer WIRELESS NETWORK report problem and lose internet connection. Can someone give me some help on how to solve a problem? Please! Read more

change from 64-bit Vista to 32-bit Vista [Solved]

Hello Anyone that may know, I purchased a Sony Viao that came with 64-bit Vista Home Premium and I need to upgrade to Vista Ultimate, but it has to be 32-bit to work with my network. I purchased the "upgrade" and when I try to install, a message says that the upgrade option is disabled because its a 64-bit. Is there anyway to change ... Read more

call of duty 4 dose not work

Hello, and hi i got the game tried it first day it worked then the next day SP dose not work it says enter cd. MP says programme has stopetd working i then was reading q and a and read that if u plug in the headphones it should work in which i did and it worked but on line for less than 40 seconds then punkbuster comed up stoping playing... Read more

Ram Upgradation

Hello, I just updated my Ram on my pc from 256MB to 1GB. As local hw guy advised, I have kept my old 256MB along with 1GB ram (Both are DDR1). I found performance is quite ok. But while playing games, watching movies on PC, I'm getting noisy sound from my PC. Could me pls tell me how do I get rid of this sound problem. I'm using 945 In... Read more

which graphic card does c.o.d.4 require????? [Solved]

Hello, i want to play the latest call of duty on my pc but i wonder if my graphic card can support it so can u please tell me which graphic card would perfectly suit to it?????

Metal Gear Solid Pc [Solved/Closed]

Hello, I have metal gear solid 1 for pc but I can't play it. after it installs I run it and a message appears that says that I can't play in hardawe mode,, only software, and doesn't run it any ideas?

Get on internet and it freezes

Hello, when i get on any of the computers at my home then when the computer is trying to load a big page then it freezes for minutes. And then after it's done it won't do it again unless i restart my computer. We have dial up internet with intergate I also have another problem, every time i start up my computer there is a process that ... Read more

no monitor display

Hi there when I switch on my computer this morning it only shows me no display settings and I cannot get anything. I have tried to replace the graphics card but still nothing and I really don't know what must I do can anyone help me please?

no sound device selected

Hello, hai right click "my computer"click "manage"click "device manager"click "sound,video and game controller open(audio codes,legacy audio driver,legacy video capture device,media control devices,video codes. i can choose any of them it shows this device is working properly.i go to start menu, setting,control panel select sound and... Read more

iPhone problems

Hi! I recently got an 8GB iPhone. I was running on a 1.0.2 version that I updated lately to 1.1.1 and everything goes fine until the 1.1.2 version released. With that update everything went wrong. I couldn't jailbreak and unlock the iPhone anymore. Then I tried to downgrade to 1.1.1 using the restore mode but when I jailbreak (o... Read more


Hello, so my problem is that these days my pc is getting low on virtual memory ive got 2giga ram an dive already done a complete full scan of my local drives and nothing could be found. can somebody tell me whether its a a trojan ? thank you Read more

how to remove the virus

Hello, everybody, my pc is infected with the virus, i don't about the virus which one is it, but all the process of my pc is having extension .exe, friends help me to remove such type of virus, i have an avast 4.8 home edition antivirus, its unable to remove such type of virus, so friend's plz provide me the solution, ok bye Read more