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Partial Cell Match of Company Names in Excel [Solved/Closed]

Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows how to match similar but not identical cells in excel without specifying the exact match string. For example what formula would match the first word in one cell with the first word in another cell, or say the first 5 characters. For example, matching the cell "ABC Learning Centres" with "ABC Le... Read more

Find word within cell & put value in adjacent [Solved/Closed]

Hello, I'd like to scan a column for a certain word (e.g. "apple") and put a code (e.g. "A") on the cell next to it each time it finds it. In this case, "apple" might be by itself or in the middle of a sentence. Read more

How to calculate positions(1st,2nd,3rd...) in Excel [Solved/Closed]

Hello, hi sir/madam...i am doing some work with the students result in excel...but I faced a is simple but I havn't got dat in my mind...i have students total I wanna get the 1st 2nd on position of student leads from highest to lower one... regards hardy

Excel If Function over a range of dates [Solved]

Hello, Can anyone help please? I am trying to add a divisions column, which are taken from a date range in another column. i.e. I would like to add "Scb", years 1994-1995, "J" 1996-1997, "Y" 1998-1999 and "E" over 1999. Is there anyway I can do this? Any help would be appreciated. thank you. Read more

IF Advance Function [Solved]

Hello, Ok here is the situation Data is 9:00 am 4:30 pm Now i want the If Formula to function , that if the range between 9:00 am to 4:30 pm happens the value turns to true , but if the range exceed like 4:31 pm , i want the false value to reflect in other words Example A1 = 9:00 AM A2 = 4:30 PM any time lik... Read more

Advance Excel

Hello, How can i copy the data in the blank cell just below it, no matter how many times but the same data as last cells contain??? thanks, Atul


remove blank cell from conditional formatting

Hello, Please let me know how can I remove conditional formatting from blank cells? I set a formula (ex: smaller than other row) to determine which cell will be formated, of course blank cell will be formated also, and I want to avoid that. Thanks!


Find max for selected number of values

Hello, i want to try to find the maximum number for every 96th rows. i have data that is inputed into excel, first column (A) is the date and time and the tenth column (K) contains various values. every 96 rows is one day. within those 96 columns i want to find the maximum number (k column). this has to work for an infinite number... Read more


pickup value in excel cell

Hello, someone advise me the excel questions :- would like to pickup highest value from column A to C and and put result in column D e.g. A, B, C, D (Expected Result) 100, 200, 150, 200 110, 198, 370, 370 333, 110, 270, 333 Thanks Read more

compare column

Hello, I have two columns in an excel spreadsheet (2003). I have two columns with partial information in each column. I would like to consolidate the two columns. For examle column 1 column 2 red blue blue red I would like to consolidate the data into column 1 so that it appears to be red blu... Read more

Look up a cell in column and add another

Hello, I'm trying to look up an item in one column and see how many were sold from another column. The columns are side by side. There are 5 items sold in the first column, and trying to find out many total in the other. Or, like how many were sold on a Monday for an entire year. It would look like this. A B Day ... Read more


Hello, I'm having a bit of trouble, what i need is if a box says yes the whole line that its on goes red and if it says no then the line goes green. I really dont know what to write here but you're help is much appreciated and by the way im on office 2007 Thank you very much xx Read more

if cell blank copy next cell

Hello, I have a list in a certain column that contains blanks and I would like to consolidate that list to not include the blanks in another column. I cant simply remove the blanks by using f5 because the list must update itself if changes are made to the original list. The values in the cells are all numbers. Is there any function th... Read more

Excel will not open

Hello, When i go to open my microsoft excel program, excel has a pop up that says it is configuring microsoft office 2000 professional. Then when it is done loading it says that the program is on a disc that is not available (assuming it needs to be redownloaded or something) is there any way to open excel with out this disc seeing as i... Read more

running total

Hello, can I have a running total in a cell in a row even if one of the cells has a formula in it? If so how I want to add numbers from two different cells thanks jaxs

Excel "IF" formula problem [Solved]

Hello, I have a row of 4 cells each containing an "if formula" to get information from another worksheet. An example of the formula in these cells is: =IF('2009'!E2>0,'2009'!E2,""). My problem is trying to find the total of these cells. I'm adding 3 and subtracting 1. The formula I'm using is: =IF(SUM(C2,E2:F2)>0,SUM(C2-D2+E2+F2),"... Read more