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September 12, 2008

Drives and folders not open by double click [Solved/Closed]

Sir, I try to change the drive icon and folder file type from folder options/file types tab/advanced button. Then I have change the icons from downloaded icons. but now the drives and folders not open on double click. what can I do?System Configuration: Windows XP Internet Explorer 6.0 Read more

Vista and XP

Hello, I recently purchased a new Toshiba notebook with VISTA - Hate it and to use 2007 is an additional cost. I have Miicrosoft Office 2000 professional and I also have 2002 verstion of office xp can I load them onto this system in order for all my documents to read and write correctly? Thanks Read more

SOS i cant find my hard disc after virus atta

Hello, I had win32 netbooster, trojan horses and some others on my Sony Vaio. It is my fault because my Antivirus was expired. At the moment i downloaded AVG antiviruse. Found about 42 viruses. A lot of things seems better but i can not open any of my files in disc C or D.. What shalll i do next? any advises whats wrong? Thanks a lo... Read more