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Encrypted sdcard

Hello, my memory card got encrypted I was using my phone and it suddenly said phone needs to restart sd card suddenly remove press ok and I couldn't back out from the error to continue my work so I pressed ok the it restarted when I unlocked my phone the first thing that showed was enter pass word for the sdcard. Please help on how t... Read more

hello my pendrive is showing but data in side to is not shown

Hello, My my system showing the pen drive but data inside to it is not showing. it is mention in my pen drive is that -system volume information and further written inside to it that index volume guide and WPS settings,data

I can't open my drive [Solved]

I've used my usb once, and I tried to plug it in my desktop, it won't show up. I already installed my drive to this laptop but now idk why this is happening. I already tried the "Computer Management" method but it says it "has no media". Does anyone know how to solve this prob? Thanks

Pendrive data shown in KB

When I connect my pendrive to my laptop the data of it is shown in kb. It seems to be in a form of shortcut. But this problem is different as compared to others I that I have seen on the net. For example if I have a movie, it opens in the pendrive but when I copy paste it on the laptop it doesn't open.

No charging Light and no power

Hello, Hello bro... I used my laptop last night Great and well but today i was faced great problem it doesnot trun on or no charge indicating.. My adapter is good

external drive showing wrong files

Hello, i put some music on my external hard drive 3 day's ago and today when i loaded it up it showed the folder's but when i entered them all the file's had diffrent name's such as block's and such. i told window's to check for error's and it found none then after it did that now the folder's are not recognized as a type of file when... Read more

Not able to view my data

Hello, When I connect my 2TB WD ultra passport , I am not able to view my data, instead it shows Local disk H: After some time windows is asking me to format the hard disk. Pleas give me a solution to get my data. I have confidential data of 2TB. Read more

laptop restarts automatically

Greetings I have an corei7 hp laptop. Since two weeks, it restarts automatically and i dont know why. I haved change the OS but the problem already exist. I need help, cause i cant make nothing with, the max time in use is between 5mins -1hour. When the restart begin, i must power off it until a moment. Im for all suggest to fix this. ... Read more

Transcend Hard Drive cant be found in My Computer

Hello, Hello, I use transcend external and after about three years one day I Drag the hard disk cable from computer and after one hours I want to use from hard drive when I Connect to my computer, my transcend hard drive is not detected by computer. Read more

missing folder [Closed]

hi, i had a folder with thousands of files(images) and hundreds of folders in it that i used to work with. my windows is 10. once it requested to do a restart to fix one of drivers and after the restart when i tried to open than large folder an error message poped up saying the directory is corrupted and unreadable. i tried the [chkdsk] c... Read more

My hard drive partition not show up after I formatted my laptop

Hello, I have a formatted my laptop from win 8 to win 7 and I have 2 partition before that, after I successfully downgraded it my other partition is completely gone. I tried the disk management to see my lost partition but no avail, i cannot see it. I already tried also the list disk on cmd but i cannot see it also.. help... Read more

Seagate 1 TB Hard disk

It has fall down from hand from 1 to 1.5 feet. It is not recognize on PC. First shows light on for one minute with moving sound inside, after sound stops & starts blinking the light on it.

pendrive remove the write protection

To remove the write protection, simply open your Start menu, and click on Run. Type in regedit and press Enter. This will open the registry editor. its not working

My external Hard disk not visible in mycomputer but present in devices& prin

I have 3 external hard disks.... Two 1Tb hard disks and a 2 Tb hard disk.... Both 1 tb hard disks are not visible in my computer... But It is showing on Devices and printers as Hard drive.... I tried change letter, regidit delet and also Uninstall serial bus controllers.... Non of them are useful for me...when I'm connecting i can hear th... Read more

Hard disk not work on USB 3 port

I have 2 Transcend external Hard disk, And I Work on Windows 10 64-bit. One of My Hard disk not worked on USB 3 port (Just Light button on HD is worked) but worked on USB 2 port. and the other HD( second HD) is worked properly on both ports. I Checked every think even Uninstall and Again Install and Update every thing that need for U... Read more

Is something wrong with Seagate's external HDDs

I've owned 3-4 Seagate external HDDs in the last 7 years and almost all of them have failed terribly after a while. Are seagate HDDs more prone to failure? Has anyone here tried Western Digital's HDDs? Are they any better?