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Encrypted sdcard

Hello, my memory card got encrypted I was using my phone and it suddenly said phone needs to restart sd card suddenly remove press ok and I couldn't back out from the error to continue my work so I pressed ok the it restarted when I unlocked my phone the first thing that showed was enter pass word for the sdcard. Please help on how t... Read more

I can't open my drive [Solved]

I've used my usb once, and I tried to plug it in my desktop, it won't show up. I already installed my drive to this laptop but now idk why this is happening. I already tried the "Computer Management" method but it says it "has no media". Does anyone know how to solve this prob? Thanks

External Hard not detecting on My Computer or Disk Management [Solved]

At first the external hard drive displayed on My Computer but couldn't access any files, so i used Command Prompt CHKDSK. The process took a while and was successful. I was able to access my personal files, than i just got carried away and performed the CHKDSK on the other partitions and suddenly the hard drive started to beep 12 times s... Read more

Unable to delete files from USB

I have seen multiple issues resolved by formatting or changing the policies to optimum performance. However, this does not work for me. I am currently using Lexar 8GB USBs. When plugged in they flash repeatedly notifying me that the disk is full. They were originally formatted FAT32 default. When I try to delete an old file I am prompt... Read more

folder and files in my external drive totally disappear

Hello, i could not find one of my folder. It totally disappeared from my external drive. I searched using the search function in my Window 10. Please help. Thanks. PS: I tried to search for one of the file in that folder and I could not find it as well. FYI, I tried the control function in the "run"-whereas, I removed "hide" f... Read more

Hard drive disappeared

Hello, i got a problem with my hard drive and i would appreciate if someone can help me! ill start with the details, last night i was on my pc and when i went to sleep i turned it off with no problems, nothing unusual. next day when i turned the pc on, 1 of my 2 hard drives disappeared. i cheched which one of the two not showing and th... Read more

Lost files!!!' I tried this to get lost files after a system restore or boot. The welcome screen was freezing and I did a restore to try and help clear it up. It helped a bit but It is still freezing and not logging on quickly. And in the process. I lost all my files! I trie... Read more

Sony pendrive - Error message : Please insert a disk into d

My PC detects my 16gb Sony pendrive, but when I try to access the device, the following message is displayed: 'Please insert a disk into drive d:' I already tried to format the device, but it won't do. So are there any solution to repair my device.

2 year deleted message from trash

Hello, i have deleted two year message from trash and inbox how i recover this message from trash and inbox Configuration: Windows XP / Chrome 39.0.2171.71

4 GB USB Drive no longer functioning [Solved]

I've used this drive on my Window 7 machine as well as my XP machine (both laptops) without a problem for years. I carry it on my keychain and I use it to transfer files for printing since I don't own a printer. The flash drive doesn't show up now. When I first plugged it in it did react as it normally does blue light flickered , request... Read more