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October 4, 2008

HP Pavillion LCD Eploded graphics/view

Hello, I had encountered LCD display problem with my HP Pavillion dv6000. I can't view the desktop as in completely nothing to display. It shows only building blocks of red, white, violet color, etc.. Its just like un exploded graphics. It occurs always after I booth up my laptop. I have no choice but to leave this F**K laptop... Read more

a problem on hp laptop tx 2000 fingerprint

Hello, am JBC LINKS NETWORK i have problem on my hp pavilion tx 2000 fingerprint any solution? after formatting the system the fingerprint could not world again.

Sims 2 Installation Question

Hello, I have Sims 2 and installed Sims 2 University and it all works fine, but I was wondering if I installed Sims 2 Seasons would all the stuff I have on University work, too. And if my stories would save. Thanks, Kelly

my ibook g4 is struggling to turn on

Hello, My ibook g4 is struggling to turn on. It makes the noises and the screen turns on but not my desktop. It's as though it is frozen at the screen with the apple in the middle. I got a new hard drive last year and my computer is from 2004. Please tell me that there is an easy and inexpensive solution!!! Read more

shell script to telnet and run commands [Solved]

Hello, i have made a shell script which can telnet automatically and run commands on the other machine and end the telnet session without any interact from the user,only he just run the script or call it from a nother script. but you need to install EXPECT and TCL packages on your unix system. the script contains the following instruct... Read more