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October 20, 2010

problem with nod32

Hello, I have a problem: I decided to install antivirus programm:nod 32(version 3.0.566). When I instaled it, Pages in my browser Opera don't load. When i uninstalled nod32, that problem disappears. Maybe someone had this problem, tell me how to solve it.

virus on my laptop

Hello, HI I need some help I have expirenced the same problem with the Virus on my laptop I need help to figure out wha to do???? Please help... I also got the System security warning pop up on my computer and it says that I have 38 virus's on my computer blah blah blah I have macafee and it said that there were NO viruses on my computer... Read more

dir output into an output file

Hello, could you please let me konw how to store the output of a DIR command into an output file through FTP. Thanks, KAK

not booting

Hello, my new motheboard is not booting yet it is running, their is no boot sound even if you remove the memory still their is no beep sound and no display at all on the monitor, the processor is fine and its specs is 1.6 ghz intel celeron. plis help?

files recovery

Hello, anyone can tell me if the data on my crashed hard disk can be recovered please? its urgent thank you