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Two little things [Solved]

After deleting an alert in the Contributors:ToDo forum, a message written in french still remains: Confirmation Le message a bien été supprimé * Go back to the thread * Go back to Contributors:Todo By the way, when, let's say, 5 people have found a message useful and have voted for it, it shows: 5 2 persons have fo... Read more

change vista language [Solved/Closed]

Hello, I got my new laptop today and it's completely in french, I do understand french but I prefer english...any idea how to change the language because i'm lost!

sound drivers

Hello, i need sound drivers for my pc pentium(R)4 cpu 2.80 GHz ,2.79 GHz which are most compatible with my processor using windows XP. RAVI

Am a new member

hello guys! am just a new kid on the block. its my first time to be a member of a site like this one. hope you guys will help me in many ways.


Hello, I have a Acer 5535 and am trying to down grade from Vista to XP. The XP cd starts the download and then a blue screen shows up saying that my hard drive has a problem and will not load. Some where I saw something about SATA settings, can't find that. Please help. Thanks JC.

Video Memory in 64bit Vista [Solved]

Ok; so I've got a slight problem with 64bit Vista. I just bought a new laptop, and I'm trying to play one of my older video games (Red Faction). I can get it installed ok, but when I try to boot I get a message telling me I don't have sufficient video memory availiable (8mb minimum). My laptop was marketed as a gaming machine, and has ... Read more

Recovering Windows Vista

Hello, I have a HP/Compaq laptop CQ60 and it came with Windows Vista. I installed Windows XP but, for some reason, it didn't install all of the drivers for the wireless etc. I would like to know if there is a way to boot from the recovery partition and reinstall Vista? I see a few people in other places have had the same problem but I... Read more

Soo annoying

Hello, Msn is really annoyin me now, i try signing to my msn.. but it sayes there is a error.. i tryed signing in on my other account and it worked, how come the email i use all the time dosnt work! is starting to really annoy me, please help !!! xx

loging in wats up

Hello, i have a problem loging in do u have any idea wat i can do

15 minutes before I can start computer

Hello, When I restart my computer, it will not come back on. I have to turn it off and let it sit for about 15 minutes and then turn it back on before it will work. What the heck is causing this? I've been trying to restore my computer to an earlier date and it can't complete the operation because of this problem. Read more

Lost Installation Disk For Web Cam [Closed]

Hello, I can't find my installation disk either. It's a Creative Live! Cam Chat Model number VF0330. Can anyone help me out? Thanks. Michael Ocean

flashdrive not detected

Hello, I am having trouble getting my flashdrive to open on any pc or laptop and do not know how to get to my files. Can someone help with this situation? Thank you

Software and laptop product key

Hello, I just bought an HP laptop and everytime I open microsoft word 2007 it asks me for a product key, is this product key the same one that's on the laptop itself? I've typed it in several times and the program rejects it. Could this simply be a trial?

password for my emails at [Closed]

Hello, I want to put a password on my email account which is with '',to stop others from reading my private mails,please help me with this-thanks!

my keys

Hello, laptop keys suh as the frontrow like pay stop rewind fast forward and the volume buttons dont work, how can i solve this problem please write back asap

factory settings

Hello, my laptop has developed the blue screen of death =/ n will only work in safe mode, i want to set my laptop down to the basics again, via factory settings, only i have no clue how to =/ also system restore won't work as i have tried it... i dont care bout losing data as backed it up =]