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memory card cant read by Samsung mobile and PC [Solved]

my memory card cant open in mobile and card reader in PC. can u help

simply cannot get Youtube to open [Solved]

Hi all. I simply cannot get Youtube to open. It downloads and my profile pic comes up, along with a few other things, bu then it just freezes or something. Has anyone had this problem and resolved it successfully? Can anyone help me? All efforts will be truly appreciated. Thanks.

Password Recovery

I forgot my gmail password and security question's answer . Unfortunatelly,my account is done by cyber .So I don't know recovery mail address .So what shall I do ? There are a lot of important accounts in my lost account. Can I change recovery account .I don;t want to lose my account.Pls give me advise.

Connected with network.. But unable to access it

Hi, My windows XP professional system has already connected with internet... But I can't access it... `when I try to open this, its always asks for broadband connections user id & password... But I don't know the user id or password... Please help me in this issue.. Thanks

screen smashed

I have an HP pavilion windows 7 laptop and I have completely smashed the screen. It wasn't an issue as I could still use the laptop when I connected it to my Samsung TV by HDMI cable. But the other day I did something with my avast which I thought was an update. It told me not to turn off whilst it was doing this so I left it. Next day I ... Read more

Can't do a thing

When I try to go to the FB page I get the Internet "Explorer cannot display the webpage". I have deleted my history and my cookies and restarted my computer. I'm not having trouble accessing FB on my smart phone or my work computer. I don't seem to have problems with any other website. Suggestions?


Hi, I have been troubleshooting trying to start up latitude D800 and am not having any luck. And I dont have a phone or money at this time to call. Can someone help? I have good power for BOTH the battery and the ac adapter. However I have no lights and computer still will not power up, even after static reset. It was fine yesterday, I... Read more

modem not recognized

Hi, I am rahul roy.I am using dell inspiron 1525 laptop with windows 8 and i am having some problem.I am using ZTE MF190 modem for internet but i am not able to use it my laptop didn't recognise the computer didn't show anything when i plugin the modem.what can i do? Plz help me....

Internet connected but it's not working

Hello, i currently installed windows 7 X64 on a new PC, i installed the last updated realtek lan driver and the internet appears to be connected, but nothing works, i can't open any site, i can't use Utorrent or Skype or anything, just nothing works. sometimes the browser works for just few seconds and it's dead slow, i can't even open... Read more

problem with desktop ............

hey guys ..... i have a problem with destop that i've lost every thing form desktop after entering the password there nothing appear but one thing automatically open that is MY COMPUTER yes ... by opening my computer i can use the windows but nothing is at desktop and i can use TASK MANAGER too .......... please help that i so worry abo... Read more

laptop shuts down without any warning ,after a 50% low battery

Hello there , My laptop shuts down without any warning ,after a 50% low battery and sometimes at 70%. I've tried all the solutions but unfortunately it still shuts down by itself . Also sometimes ,laptop often changes from AC to battery.Is this a battery issue or hardware ? Asus ,windows 7. 3years battery. Cheers . Read more

dell audio jack is causing a problem

hi , the problem is whenever i insert my earphones or headphones i get to hear an unusual beep sound , i thought at first that my headphones went wrong but no i guess something's wrong in my jack , ? what to do ? its a continuous beep sound and stops on muting the sound from laptop , and starts again when i play something , speakers are... Read more

no audio

Hello, I have a problem with my pc it doesn't have audio y had tried everything there is ,and nothing had work,,,,the sisten show that AUDIO is active, the Volume is on is not on silence mode,,,,I had downloaded an audio driver and still not functioning, this problem happen when I by accident remove soundmax from my pc,,,,,,,after th... Read more

stereoscopy in shockwave player

Hello, how to enable stereoscopy in shockwave player or it needs another software? Configuration: Windows XP / Chrome 36.0.1985.125