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my PlayStation 3 is not working on my tv

Hello, I just got my PlayStation 3 and when I try to see will it work on my TV it wasn't working.But see I don't have a HDMI TV but I still heard it doesn't matter what kind of TV I have it should work so I'm asking you what can I do about this situation? Configuration: iPhone / Chrome 42.0.2311.137 Read more

Mobile for android

The mobile app for android show all questions, regardless if they are AN ACTIVE QUESTION or not. It is showing removed questions.

volume of my laptop is too low

please help me with my laptop; the volume is too low no matter how i increase it

automatically charge is down after turnoff the laptop.

Hi. my laptop is Dell brand and since 2 months it has a problem that my laptop charge is automatically gone after shutdown. when my laptop is full charge and i shutdown it properly but while i open it after 1-2 hours it's charge is automatically gone. so please help me how to fix this problem and what is the main reason of this proble... Read more


Let me let everyone know that our fearless leader is celebrating another Birthday today! Happy Birthday Ambucias! Read more

Sims how to have kids

I'm on my tablet playing sims 3 and my sim is married and lives with her husband but I can't find out how to have kids please help

Ps3 Won't Connect With My TV

My ps3 won't connect with my tv, its kind of a shitty tv to be honest but it usually works, I don't use HDMI because I don't have it, I use AV-IN or AV-OUT can't remember which one. It always says 'No Signal' and its really starting to piss me off I've unplugged it and plugged it back in about 10 time today. So please help me! Conf... Read more

Low sound on laptop

hello geeks, i have sound problem with my hp probook6450b. The sound just got lower while the system sound tray and media player is set to 100%, I have search the web for help but all to no avail. I re-installed the OS(tried windows 7& 8.1 and install the drivers) the sound is still lower. Please help me out!

laptop not turning on [Solved]

Hello, My laptop dell inspiron 15 3000series is not turning on but getting charged, I removed battery and put it again but did not make any difference .......please ..suggest some ways which make my system on ....plz.

Printer not printing words or image

Hello, I have an MFC 790 Brother. All connections show that it is connected. Bought and installed new ink cartridges, but nothing prints when the paper runs through. Configuration: Windows / Mozilla 11.0

Games on these requirements

my system have- -3gb ddr2 ram -2gb nvidia gforce gt610 gpu -dual core 2.0 ghz processor I want to play some real action games and I am not able to find awesome games which will run smoothly on these requirements. recently I played battlefield 3 and assassins creed 3 on my system both were okay on my system. can u guys tell meh some aw... Read more

get my yahoo mail to my BlackBerry phone?

Hello, Plese tell how to get my yahoo mail to my Black Berry phone? Configuration: Mac OS X / Safari

gta 4 is slow in my Windows 7

Hello, Gta 4 Is slow in my Windows 7 ? Configuration: iPhone / Safari 4.0

Resident Evil7 Game Application accidentally deleted

Hello Guys, I accidentally deleted the application of my Resident Evil 7, now I can't play it 'coz I deleted the application,. Can I download it? In what site? Tnx!

COD mouse won't click on any of the menu options

Hello, My mouse scans over the menu on Mod Warfare 2 and World at War, but won't click on any of the menu options. I use the windows mode for Warfare but i can't even get World at War to Windows mode...any suggestions? Configuration: Windows / Firefox 40.0.2