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Installation of Windows OS

Good morning/evening dear family, I'd like to know if I can install a windows operating system just by clicking the setup. If yes, then what the difference with installing from a bootable flashdrive or bootable dvd? And do we have to boot them when it's just simple? Thank you for your answers. Read more

can't format my USB

Hello, i did this to format my USB.... C:\>format f:/fs:ntfs Insert new disk for drive F: and press ENTER when ready... The type of the file system is RAW. The new file system is NTFS. Verifying 5.5 KB The volume is too small for the specified file system. Format failed. C:\> what do i have to do next? Read more

External Hard drive

I updated to Windows 10. I have a WD external hard drive. A window came up that said there is a problem with this drive, Scan the drive now and fix it. Well Now i cannot open any of my photos or anything else. I am sick to my stomach! . Is there anything I can do? Thank you!


how to charge my laptop for the first time? [Solved]

Hello family, I have purchased a new laptop and I didn't open it yet. I want to make sure about the best way of charging it for the very first time. It's an HP pavillon 14 v021tu. Should I charge it before using it?? How much time it must stay in charge? Thank you for your answers. Read more

Is it possible to download install windows 8 without virtual box

Hello everybody, Is it possible to download install windows 8 without virtual box? Thanks for your answers Sent from CCM Live forum for iPhone/iPad Read more

my wifi is now working slowly

Hello, i had a problem with my cover and i brought my pc to be fixed. They opened everything and removed everything: motherboard, hdd, memory and fixed it well. When I got back home, my wifi icon that was full before turned to be almost empry and connection is running slow. The question is: "Does wifi have a physical part?? The physi... Read more