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August 31, 2008

Putting a picture in a table (Word 97) [Solved]

Hello, I'm using Word 97. I'm writing some instructions, using a table to format them, step, by step. I want to put an image in one of the steps (to illustrate what the user should see on the screen), but everytime I try to paste it into the table, it appears outside the table. I can't get it to stay within the correct cell. Can... Read more

my speakers won't work [Solved/Closed]

Hello, im really stuck. I first upgraded my pc from xp service pack 2 to vista hom basic. After realising that most of my hardware did not work with vista, I down graded to xp service pack 3. Everything seems to be working fine now except for the speakers. Please tell me what to do. Read more

Manual update of DAT file for McAfee [Solved]

Hi, I have been having a problem with the malware that blocks system restore prevents security and microsoft updates blocks access to security websites redirects google search does not allow the installation of any new security software (such as Trojan Remover Malwarebytes) even from the safe mode I am a paying customer of M... Read more

best antivirus needed

Hello, can someone tell me actually what is the best antivirus software i can get please? in fact im very often infected with all kinds of viruses and this is very harassing since this year i have formatted my pc at least 7times and at the end this will fry up my hard disk.. Read more