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February 20, 2008

msn virus

Hello, I was on msn messenger or windows messager whatever and i got an im from a friend then she logged off and i clicked the link and i logged in but it wouldnt work (i alredy know it doesnt work) then it happened 2 me 3 more times from different people on my contacts list what do i do?? Read more

iam in trouble

Hello, iam new to ubuntu pls tell how to connect to inter net .i hav a agrsm pci modem

is burnout paradise available???

Hello, i wanted to know if burnout paradise is available and if so please tell me where can i get please thank u for ur kindness:-)

format pc

Hello, Hi sir/mam, i what to format my pc beacause of pc contein dangerous viruses,please sir how pc formatt will be done send me my id. Thanking tou sir/mam, yours faithfully alex psaila i dont have any cd

My laptop won't start [Solved/Closed]

Hello, i think I got a virus. I was on Firefox when my computer spontaneously shut down. When I try to restart it the computer tries to restart but then shuts down again within a few seconds. The computer doesn't even have time turn the screen on again before it shuts down. Please help! Read more

Write protected pendrive can not format [Solved/Closed]

Hello, my pendrive can not formatted or the data can not deleted. when I try to perform formatting option ,the write protected access message is desplayed. so pls hlp meConfiguration: Windows XP Internet Explorer 7.0

How can i restore my computer with the copy

Hello, My comp started stating Ntldr eror on start up press alt, contrl,del.... did this but no good. sadly restored comp using built in restore. windows re installed ut lost loads. did copy my hard drive with what i believe to be mirror image to the pull out hp media drive. Trying to now reinstall all this backonto the original hard dr... Read more

Commands to delete virus [Solved/Closed]

Hello, my dear friends.i'm not finding enough commands to delete virus from my system can u please help me out . please tell me some more commands to delete virus using command promptSystem Configuration: Windows Vista Safari 525.13

XP Internet Explorer Problem with Boot Camp [Solved]

Hello, I recently installed XP on my Mac by using th Boot Camp assistant. When I boot up Windows, I can't open Windows Internet Explorer. I then repartioned the drive and installed Vista. I was able to go into my control panel and activate my wireless connection, and Internet Explorer was fine. I do not like Vista, so I again repar... Read more

HELP, need to recover important files

Hello, i recently did the wiondows automatic updates, shutdown after installing the update choice. the next day my laptop is screwed, if you start it normally, it goes to two choices start normally or start in repair mode, if you start normally it goes to a C:drive check and says the computer needs to check C:drive for consistency. to t... Read more

you tube [Solved]

Hello, i want to make my own website i dont know about this plz tel me how can i make

Far Cry 2 [Solved]

Hello, I have just bought a new 19inch screen, but when i put the resolution of far cry 2 at 1440x900 my screen goes at the right side leaving a blank space at the left :S please help!

PC Freezing at start

hello guys, my pc wasn't functioning well those days and when I switch it on sometimes it just froze on the starting page. So what I did I bought a new graphics card geforce 9500gt 512mb. It works fine but then same problem persists and I disable the one on board from the device manager but still the problem persists any idea plea... Read more

xp virus

Hello,my pc has the xp virus iv got rid of most of it all that is left is the icon in the bottom right hand corner can you help

Pc freezing

HI, i don't know what is happening but my pc seems to get often freeze.. I am using Window xp service pack 2 . I open media player and Microsoft word when i try to get on the internet or to connect on skype it gets freeze.!! It is more an more anoyning. Any Ideas? Read more

ps3 upgrade

Hello, i was woundering if sommebody noes if i can upgrade the Gb on the ps3...our can you plug a external harddrive to it?


Hello, need your help. Can someone tell if there MSN has been logged from a different computer. Can they trace the source. basically a friend1 has been checking on her friends2 emails as she is aware of her password through consent..but now the friend1 mentioned that somebody has been logging in as would she now if so! thank... Read more