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February 20, 2008

Commands to delete virus [Solved/Closed]

Hello, my dear friends.i'm not finding enough commands to delete virus from my system can u please help me out . please tell me some more commands to delete virus using command promptSystem Configuration: Windows Vista Safari 525.13

XBox 360 vs. PS3 [Solved/Closed]

Hi! I really need some help guys... I am going to buy a new system very soon and I need to know if there are any big advantages or disadvantage over one system compared to the other. I was first thinking to get to PS3 - which seems to be the most powerfull system - but the XBox 360 looks more reasonable in terms of price and Halo... Read more

XP Internet Explorer Problem with Boot Camp [Solved]

Hello, I recently installed XP on my Mac by using th Boot Camp assistant. When I boot up Windows, I can't open Windows Internet Explorer. I then repartioned the drive and installed Vista. I was able to go into my control panel and activate my wireless connection, and Internet Explorer was fine. I do not like Vista, so I again repar... Read more

lost voice device

free download sound device installation on line,i got message from media player that voice device is not load in y pc.if u help me for this device can i load on line free with y guidlins, Dhananjay Bhatt from india

Office 2007 wont read in 2003 [Solved]

Hello, I use the new microsoft office 2007 and unfortunately my old Word or Excel files cant be opened.. Tell me the reason plz ..thanx

Far Cry 2 [Solved]

Hello, I have just bought a new 19inch screen, but when i put the resolution of far cry 2 at 1440x900 my screen goes at the right side leaving a blank space at the left :S please help!

you tube [Solved]

Hello, i want to make my own website i dont know about this plz tel me how can i make

Can't see anything I type on MSN.. [Solved]

Hello, I am using firefox.. not sure if this is the problem.. But.. I cannot see anything I or anyone types to me on MSN Messenger... Anyone have any idea what the problem could be? Thanks!

mac book pro

holla , i am planing to buy a mac book, but i wanted to know the difference between mac book and mac book pro

Accidentally removed CD/DVD drive

Hello, How do I get my CD/DVD back to work? While using "safely remove Hardware", I accidentally clicked on "CD/DVD" and now I can't use it. The drive won't open by pressing the button on the side of my computer and if I try to "trick" it into opening by "burning" a CD, the screen displays "please connect burner". I use Windows... Read more

Monitor Display Nothing

The Computer is not booting,the systems seem working but the Monitor is showing nothing. I have change the memory with a new one and it is start working that was Saturday. But this morning when i was trying to boot it again ,the same problem has start again, What Can be the Problem and How can i solved it.? Your Help Will be Welcome... Read more

Computer Mouse

Every once in a while my computer "mouse" stops working. If I then pull its plug out of the tower and plug it back in, it starts working again. Do I need a new mouse? Or is there another problem? Caused by what?

pc not turn on

hi, i have a celeron and i moved it to other room and while it was in the other it was working.But i changed its place and plugged everything it does not turn on.i checked electricity,all good ! its just the pc which is not turn on.i need your hel i have some important doc in that. Read more

problem while opening a file

Hello, am using office 2007, i dont why when i save my works when am at the office, i can't open the file when am at home?

word 2007

Hello, I have just install word 2007 on my pc cracked and patched it as well...but the problem is that i can't use it properly i can't copy or paste cut or write something when i open a word 2003 file...why is that so?