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How does Scanpst.exe work?

Hello, I am wondering to use Scanpst.exe Tool, but I have zero knowledge about this tool. I have a 10 MB .pst file and don't want to lose its data. Is there any simple way to learn Scanpst.exe use process?

Unable to open a file with

Hello Everyone, I have installed 3 where I have been trying to open some Math files sent by my client. All open perfectly but one isn't. Is there any trick which can help me? Thanks

Server Connection Error [Closed]

I am getting connection error whenever I am trying to copy a 2 gb file from the server. What wrong I am doing or is there any setting problem which I can fix.

Need help to recover damaged Photoshop file!

I am using Photoshop CS4 and looking to recover one of my .psd file that I had created last week. It has size of 11 MB and now has get corrupted.

How can I restore images that saved on Word File? [Closed]

Hello! Is there any way via which I can restore some images that I have saved on Word 2013? I have already used some manual methods Like Open and Repair, etc. but got nothing. Any recommendation?

How to stop Windows Defender? [Solved/Closed]

Many time a facing some important software installation issue and after analysis I am getting instruction to stop windows defender for few second. Is there any way which I can use to permanently fix this issue?