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If formula

This formula is killing me! I have a column of numbers E3:E12. These are dollar amounts of bills that have been paid. E13 contains the sum of those numbers. F3:F12 are cells I put an "X" in when the bill has been paid. I want G13 to have a formula that will subtract the "E" cell numbers from the E13 cell, but only if there is... Read more

If function date problem

Hello, i am trying to use excel to give me two values depepnding if its a monday or a wednesday i have a date box so every week a person will put the current date in the box they will only use the spreed sheet on a monday or a wednesday so i only need the funtion to work for those two days when it is a monday i want it to give the... Read more

Change Cell colour based on another cells result

Hello, I am writing a programme in excel for tracking what jobs are running over the antipated delivery date, therefore I am looking for help on how to change the colour of different customers listed in the column A2:A100 based on a 1 being displayed column AB2:AB100) to trigger the change. Regards Andy Configuration: Windows 7... Read more

Nesting if() functions? [Solved]

Hey guys, I'm relatively new to Excel, so bear with me here. I'm making this spreadsheet to check if the payments of certain products are either late or still on time. So for example: The product was bought on November 27th of 2014, date which I substract from the current day (January 29th of 2015), which gives me a difference of 63 ... Read more