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November 18, 2008

remove ubuntu

Hello, i have an ubuntu 9.10 os in my i want to remove ubuntu and install windows 7.



Activation of java applications for symbian os3 ph

Hello, I have downloaded java applications to my nokia 5800 express music,but i cant seem to make them work??can someone help me plz..

facebook link

Hello, I'm trying to link a facebook button from my website to my 'info' page of my 'non profit business facebook page' but i keep getting to the login page. It says 'you have to have an account to view this page'. What am i doing wrong? Thanks

free pc browsing

Hello, i need free browsing on pc with zain data card usb.pls, send it to my e-mail.thanks.

nuisance calls

Hello, can some one please help me some one is ringing my home phone constantly when i pick up i just hear the dial tone my caller id says unknown number even though you cannot withold your number when ringing my phone i have an idea who it is i just want to know how they are doing it. no matter how quickly i answer i only hear the dial ... Read more

Pc connection

Hello, My samsung s5233a star modem didnot display on my pc.when i open pc studio its shows not connected.plz help me.

windows boot problem

Hello, I've installed windows 7, all good since i restarted the windows after instalation is done. And after that , windows dont start. Shows me "welcome, setup is preparing to use windows for the first time" , then is rebooting and do this every time, i can not boot from cd also. Can somebody pleasehelp me? My laptop is a acer aspire 55... Read more

i want some one to help me please

Hello, Sir/Madam. some one stolen my email ( ) and change Password Please I request you kindly replace my Password. and send it to my email ( Thanks Yours truly, amro wahdan Note: I have forgotten my Secret Answer. (how old are you?) Read more

dvd not working

Hello, dear tell me i have asus combo but my combo can not play any dvd cd disc can play well plz tell me how can i play dvd on my asus combo

Lost Audio

Hello, I was going through and deleting some unused programs on my Toshiba laptop and apparently I have deleted the audio and audio icon. Please help I use Windows XP

lost sound after cleaning out & remove files

Hello, I am having trouble since I removed and cleaned out my files, and I can't find them anywhere in the system. There isn't anything in my entertainment folder, which is where the computer sent me to fix the problem. Please Help. There isn't any sound from any of it. Read more

Farmville on Facebook

Hello, I am not able to get Farmville to display on my Facebook Page. It says Page Loaded by error on the page. Any suggestions. My farm is falling apart! Thanks

doesnt work

Hello, my laptop is dv9500 and the day i bought it .It doesnt work without taking it from the charger wht is the problem i know it is a stupid problem nd i know am the one who has the problem plz reply me

ok my problem is related to PS3. HELP

Hello, Is it possible to message your friends on the PS3 on a computer? If it is I need to know how. I made a promise to one of them. Long story short, I got it taken away. If that isn't possible then, he might delete me. Oh well. Just tell me if it is or not and if it is how. I have tons of friends and to them I mysteriously di... Read more

No Modem

Hello, How do I hook my ps3 up to the internet when I have a verizon wireless card but no modem?

connecting ps3 through laptop

Hello, hi can anyone tell me if it is possible to go online with ps3 through using ure laptop as ure only source of connection powereed by a 3g3 dongle as source of connection can anyone tell me if this is possible or not wld b most gratefull for any feedback thanks .

about software

Hello, Hi friend's i use gfive u 808 mobile actully it's very nice cell but i don't knw how i lock his messages or folder can u help me....& where i found gfive u 808 software....plzz help me.....

Please tell, how to connect n7210 in pc suite

Please tell, i have pc and n7210 supernova recently brought and also this give data cable, but when i am connect mobile to pc through data cable it shows usb is not ready to use please tell how i am run internet mobile to pc through data cable.