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February 24, 2008

Lost disk for Webcam! :( plz help

hi i've lost the installation disk for my webcam it's from woolworths (in London) but the shop has closed down!?! but this is what it's got on it's lable (If this helps) WOOLWORTHS USB WEBCAM SKU No. :365A2530 Model No. :C- 120 Rating: 5V 60mA S/N: 0804 Thanx please PM here ASAP Read more

Red brackets around v shield

Hello, what does the red bracket around the mcafee antivirus v shield i and what does it mean when the small yellow i appear on the mcafee m symbol

install webcam without software

Hello, Ive lost software for installing webcam. new computer

change the the voice

Hello, i need change the the voice in my lg ln730 navigatio from english to arbic voice

the verification for itunes store isnt workin [Solved]

Hello, im creating an account with itunes store and the last step is connecting....i've been waiting for it to connect for the longest. I don't know what to do... help please anyone... thanks

usb problems

Hello, I am using Windows Vista Home Premium edition. My PC will not recognise an external USB hard drive nor will it acceppt memory sticks. I have SP1 installed The only thing it recognises is my printer which is usb any idea of what should i do ? Read more

HDD detected

Hello, My Windows XP had been not functioning properly for the past few months. It would show the splash screen and then restart and I could only boot into Safe mode. I tried many things, and then finally gave up on that since I don't use Windows much any more. Read more