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October 27, 2009

My computer shut down automatically [Solved/Closed]

Hello, I have my PC with Configuration Processor : p4 Motherboard : Intel Ram 256MB Whenever I Switch On or Power ON my Computer, It boots and Displays Intel Pentium 4 (as usual) and after 2/3 minutes it automatically shut down and again when I starts or Power on my PC, it starts and shut down automatically after 2/3 minu... Read more

Where can I download a FlashPlayer on my DSi?

Hello,I'd like to know how to download the Flash Player for my DSi couse I'd like to watch videos and stuff on my DSi,PLEASE NOTHING THAT INVOLVES A LAPTOP I DON'T HAVE ONE:)


go to

Run Command and Folder Options disappeared

Hello, I just realized that my Computer's run command and folder options disappeared. I was hiding some of my files and when decided to unhide them I couldn't find the option of folder options have disappeared. I scanned the forum and tried a couple of things but with no luck. I tried using crt+alt+del ending explorer but the option of ... Read more