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appear Offline on facebook [Solved]

Hello, Even when I log in my Facebook account, I appear offline. None of my friends find me online, could you please tell me how to appear online. It is very annoying, I don't even get to chat with my friends. plzzzzzzzzz Configuration: Windows XP / Firefox 3.6 Read more

Wireless modem installation

Hello, I have a PC running XP and broadband via AOL. I have just purchased a laptop Windows 7 and want wireless connection on my laptop I have a Belkin modem router and am having a problem connecting the two could you please run through wireless modem installation from BT connection onwards. Thank you Read more

my laptop has black screen..

Hello, Gud day..i have something to ask and pls uwill be able to help me.. With regards to my laptop.. i cant longer used it because it has black screen and even i connected it on tv screen theres still no display..My laptop can still work (it can still ON and it can still proceed on charging) but theres still no display..Someone i co... Read more

problem in detecting the web cam in pc

Hello, I have problem in detecting the cam what to da i have plug the cam in usb port but it not showing

google earth

Hello, i , m shivendra i have micromax q3 ow can i use google earth or google map on my mobile

i hate facebook

the same thing occur to me, my facebook account is also disable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggghhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!


Hello, This morning I powered on and all lights appeared on the lap top with the exception of the screen. The screen is black as though the power isn't reaching the screen. I have a HP pavillion enterainment pc. I have had it for 4 years and never had any problems. Please help! Florida 9 Read more

Can't Login

Hello, Why doesn't facebook have a contact email for problems with the site? I can't login or change my password or delete my account. I'm not getting any help and no answers. I want to delete my account.

laptop not turning on

Hello, I looked at about all of the questions and answers to the "laptop turning off " problem, and that's exactly whats happening to mine but after following all the advice from 30 sec hold then inserting power supply to 30 second hold-power supply-30 second hold again...and to no avail. Do anyone know of another way. Read more

Using graphics

Hello, Hi, can u send me some sample programs using graphics which can work in dev c? thanks.

having problem logging onto myspace

Hello, i been waiting for my internet to get hook up for weeks and now that its up.. i cant get in my myspace account.. i know that my email and password are type in right.. but it still wont let me log in..... why and what is going on...

i could not open file

Hello, i have downloaded one movie from the internet but i could not open with any player.please give me the solution

8% problem

Hello, I have a big problem with my sims 2 i have had it on my computer before but i then deleted it to put on the the sims 3 and now i want it back on I have tryed 4 time's now and it stops at 8% but then a liitle box come's up and it give's me two options of cancel or retrying when i click retry it goes up about 4% and i have been sat... Read more

Is it possible

Hello, when playing cod modern warfare 2, is it "possible" to play more than one gametag from a single console. I know people say you can't but we all know that some individuals have defied the odds. Is the same version of cod moderwarfare for xbox 360 the same one for the PC and playstation 3 Read more

real play

Hello, i go to youtube and downland song to my real play but it do not go on my real play why?