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September 30, 2008

Mozilla Firefox Problems

Hi, I have been using Firefox for years and never had any problems. Now all of a sudden the back and forward arrows on the browser have begun to stop working. I can still see the arrows, but they're faded and grey like when you're not allowed to click something on your computer. Most of the time they work, but the times that they don't a... Read more

what do i do or where do i go???

Hello, ok so my computer froze up, my husbad pushed the power button and turned my comp off, when he turned it back on and went to my pics its said all files had been corrupted and wouldnt let us get into view anything , somehow they ended up in the recycle bin, they were all viewable but when we clicked on them to restore them back it ... Read more

icons on taskbar changed after reboot

Hello, XP pro sp2, browser: latest firefox Just ran a fast scan of SUPER Antivirus. Rebooted when scan done, and all my icons on taskbar were changed to some other non-related icon. This has happened recently, once before. I've run SpyBot, but no change. Can someone help with this? Read more

got a emachine 4072 unable to find correct

Hello, got a emachine 4972 with radeon xpress 200 unable to find correct drives can any help

ayuda para instalar windows xp

Hello, quisiera saber como puedo instalar el so wind. xp (el pro o el home, cualquiera)con todods los drivers en un acer o donde lo puedo encontrar para descargarmelo, el problema es que se me borro mi so de mi ordenador y por eso quiero encontrarlo para ponetrlo de nuevo con todos los drivers. Bueno gracias de antemano a lops que me ... Read more

Need an Altec Lansing Audio Driver?

Hello, I Installed a copy of Windows Vista Ultimate x64 on my HP Pavilion zv6000 CTO Notebook from a Windows XP and my Audio no longer works. I'm thinking the Manufacture is Altec Lansing as that's the Label on my Notebook's Speakers, Any idea where I could find Software for this Driver? Sorry I've tried Google Searches and no luck. Th... Read more

Cant remove avast 4.8 [Solved]

Hello, I am unable to remove avast 4.8 There is no uninstaller for it in my pc I deleted the registry of it I even stopped all its threads from msconfig Then I tried to delete the folder from Program Files. But it gives error that cant dfelete .dll file Read more

Vista/AVG incimpatability

Hello, I just recently installed AVG 8.0 free edition and within the next hour I could no longer scan from my HP All in One nor could I access my dial up connection. Any ideas? Also where can I get a free download of AVG 7.5

javascript and flash player [Solved]

Hello, appreciate your help and time. when i go to utube it always show me a message saying the following: either my javascript is turned off,or my flash player version is old. any advice? thanks in advance.

Virus attack on my laptop, please HELP!!!!!

Hello, I have got this problem for about two weeks now, is the microsoft security center message that keeps coming up when I go to some of the websites. The whole thing says Microsoft Security Center Alert : Your computer have been attacked by spyware or viruses! Please download AntiSpyware to fix. Down... Read more

it tks 48hrs to downld a to utube

Hello,it takes so long to download a video on youtube. please help. it takes 10hrs to download a 3min. video on to youtube

animation wallpapers

Hello, I just downloaded some wall papers from, they are animated wallpapers and would like to know if they are safe to use. My antivirus is quite old and can't update and so want to be sure before I try to install the wallpaper. However, I think they are really cool and nice. Hope someone out there likes me to... Read more

cant access my E drive

Hello, Someone used my work pc in the weekend and when i came back on Monday i was not able to use one of the software ( buildsoft). My software shortcut was e drive and its a dongle.....when i click on the software it says window is searching for esw.exe and then further it says that the drive or network connection that the shortcut '... Read more


Hello, i have a problem with defragment my pc. my poblem is that when i want run windows "disk defragmenter" below message have been shown. ""c:\windows\system 32\dfrg.msc Access is denided."" please help me? Read more

Browsers all stop. Router is fine. [Solved/Closed]

Hello, Recently, without installing any new software, my browsers all eventually stop. Firefox is my main, and would be the first to fall after about 45 mins, Then Safari and Opera and all othe browser stop too about 15 mins later. It's not a virus as I have scanned my entire system, with 3 scanners and to no avail. My router is absolu... Read more

Re-install XP without reformatting the drive

Hello, I have a Toshiba Satellite Laptop with 100GB Toshiba HDD running Windows XP HOME OEM. I didnt get a XP CD along with the laptop but a 'Recovery CD'. 2 weeks back, one morning I got up to see my laptop showing me the four options of Start in Safe Mode, Start in Safe Mode with Command Prompt..... Obviously choosing any of the option... Read more