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Desktop divided 4 parts

Hello, why cant i get the picture, like when i set my bckround picture, not divided into four parts and not just one giant picture for the backround?? plz help. Configuration: Windows XP / Internet Explorer 8.0

Compaq Video Driver Vista

Hello, I Have an Evo N610C and I need a Video driver. I have vista installed so the link to the Compaq/hp website doesn't have it. Does that mean it doesn't exist? Please help Configuration: Windows Vista / Safari 534.7

how to connect 20 systems using switch

Hello sri plz help me, I have 20 systems, 24 port switch and cables NIC cards, i have internet connection, but i don't know how to connect and how to configure each and every system, my requirement is create users and and all user are use one disk space and all system require internet also, so plz help me how to connect and how to confi... Read more

Sims Delux Edition wont install [Solved]

Hello, I have the sims delux edition for PC and when I insert it into the disk drive it gives me a window saying "Open folder to view files" and that is the only option on the window so when I click on it, its saying "set up" but nothing else and nothing is allowing me to install it, so help please! =] Thank you! Configuration:... Read more

Odd problem with a key on keyboard...

Hello, The letter L on my keyboards works perfectly until I attempt to log onto a certain program, where the password involves the L letter. It wont show up when I type it. I've switched keyboards and it still doesnt solve this problem. Strange, I know. Any ideas? Thank you, Nicole Configuration: Windows XP / Internet Explorer 6... Read more


Hello, Configuration: Windows XP / Firefox 3.6.12Hi,i have a C4280 all in one and i cant scanne to my computer,it keeps telling me that my computer is not hook up,but it is.Please help me, Thank you Ed Read more

Wireless driver

Hello, I have a toshiba laptop satellite A200-03V, as I had problems I reinstall XP on it instead of vista. I can't find a driver for the ethernet controller and mass storage controller which I assume it's PROwireless driver. could someone help me please!

Lost data

Hello, I run e recovery and lost all data from c drive, there is any way to get the Data restored back. Lost all my picture and the files? Thank you! Configuration: Windows XP / Firefox 3.6.9


my mobile is lost and i want to activate my gprs from that i can see that where is my mobile right now my number is9016380872

fastest time for using internet

Hello, i use airtel netsetter which is usually slow ,which is the fastest time for using internet and what is the maximum that can aquired by netsetters. why in india we very slow internet connections compared to other countries please answer Configuration: Windows XP / Firefox 3.6.9 Read more


Hello, i have a samsung corby pro phone i would like to use it as a modem for connecting the internet in pc where can i get the software for it, please? Configuration: Windows XP / Internet Explorer 6.0

Free music files editor

Hello, I wish to know if someone could help me in finding a free music editor software. Thanks.

Location iTunes folder [Solved]

Hello, My computer crashed and I have a new one. I just reloaded iTunes and realized that my playlist for my 1000+ CD's are not there. Any idea what the iTunes folder is named? Does iTunes load your music folder on installation in the operating system hard drive? Appreciate any help. Ron Configuration: Windows 7 / Intern... Read more

how to insert the sim card to apple iphone 32

Hello, i bought a apple iphone from dubai, when i came to my country i dont know where to put my sim card,please tell me where is the sim card slot Configuration: Windows XP / Internet Explorer 8.0

mobile calculator not pc calculator

hey cat, I want mobile calculator not pc calculator. my mobile model no. is nokia 5130 c-2 xpress music. pls tell me how download the mobile calculator as early as possible. and my mobile did not open internet browser. pls send me how to download browser software. pls pls.....

unlock bios dell inspiron 1564 [Solved]

Hello, i need to unluck bios dell inspiron 1564 system disabled 09376 service tag 6f26yk1 Configuration: Linux / Firefox 3.6.11