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my laptop automatically shuts down [Closed]

Hello, sir my laptop automatically shuts down i thought i has virus so i formatted it and again install windows but no change ocurrs it is same it now stops automaticaaly n shut downs

Not able to open my inbox items at all

Hello, I have opened my account on July 11, 2010 and I had no problem to open my inbox and I could create new messages. But I couldn't open my inbox at all since this July 29. Error page always appeared. What is wrong ? Configuration: Windows XP / Internet Explorer 8.0 Read more

My Windows XP keeps restarting [Solved/Closed]

Hello, Recently, my Window XP Notebook keeps restarting. When I turn it on, before I can type my password to log into my account, the screen turns blue for a second and says : A fatal error has occured. Windows has been shut down to protect your files. Then, it restarts and repeats the entire process. I tried going into Safe mode w... Read more

Cannot connect to wireless at home?

Hello, I have a Dell Inspiron 1501 laptop and It connects perfectly to the wireless at my work, but when I'm at home, it says I'm connected with limited access, but when I attempt to open the internet it tells me I need to connect to a network. I try clicking work offline every time but that doesn't seem to do anything, Help please? ... Read more

netbook no internet

Hello, i bought a notebook online from china and i have internet and wifi but it won't connect online. i have done it twice but only nfor a short time

Call of duty Moder Warfare 2.. HELP [Solved]

help i need contingency.ff in call of duty modern warfare 2.. please help.. tnx... GOD BLESS


Hello, I have Windows 64 bit Vista and I am having a problem with my DVD + RW (DVD). The DVD will play videos but it will not launch/start new software. I tried adding an external DVD and I still have same problem. When I give the address to the DVD I am asked if I want to format it. THank you for any help you can provide - Norman Read more

web cam

Hello, trying to fit a cam but it keeps on rejecting it,what can i do

ipod 4th gen photo 30g

Hello, I have an ipod 4th gen photo, bought a new battery and put it in, when the hold switch is off the ipod wont do anything when the hold swith is on or (engaged) the ipod works. what in the world is going on here that im either doing wrong or needs to be fixxed?????? HELP Read more

connection problem

Hello, my os is linux and i cant connect to server using broadband it works well on windows whether i hv to configure network connections when i do it i need isp name and i dont knoe it what sud i do...........browser is firefox reply immediately.................

adobe flash player wont instal

Please HELP, ok so i am having an issue where i can not install adobe flash player 10 on to my mac, it allows me to download it on to my computer then it mounts but when i click on the adobe flash player.pkg icon nothing opens up. the installer opens up for like a second then closes and nothing else happens. i have unistalled my previous... Read more

computer not turning on

Hello, i have HP pavilion ZD8000 laptop, laptop charger stoped working because of the wire creack, then i stoped using this computer, after 6 months i bought new charger, my computer start first time, now when i pressing power button all lights coming on and go's off right way, my computer is not moving at all. i tried take out better... Read more

PS3 internet

Hello, I have a Cricket A600 wireless acces to the internet usb broadband modem. It can plug right into the PS3. But it wont pick up the internet. How do i do it??

problem with my farmville

Cannot find file gameSettings.xml it can`t scyn!!! what shall i do ?

bios for ps2


testingcheatsenabled true ruined neighborhood

Hello, I used testingcheatsenabled true and it worked. The next day I tried to play the game and it froze right before the neighborhood loaded. I tried tying testingcheatsenabled false to reset it but it didn't work. I restarted the game/my computer several times and it still wont let me access my neighborhood . I however create new ne... Read more

Outlook 2007 Crashes every time I open it

Hello, I recently bought Outlook 2007 as I have had ongoing problems with downloaded versions of Outlook. Now, whenever I open Outlook 2007 (Windows XP) it opens, connects to the server, and then updates. A few minutes later though, it says that it has encountered a problem and needs to close (and then re-starts). I checked the forum... Read more