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Mac keyBoard key B does not work [Solved/Closed]

Hello, I have a MAC and ANY keyBoard that I attach to it, the keystroke B (lower case) does not work. What recommendations do you have?

Short cut to merge cells [Solved/Closed]

Hello, If there a short cut on the key board to merge cells in excel?

Using Excel in Outlook

Hi Could any one HELP ME!!!!!! I am trying to use an excel spreadsheet which contains relevant job information like date location employees costs I really need to share this information with other people through my calender in outlook. The other people also need to add or edit the info on excel aswell it would be great for some advise... Read more

dell inspiron 1525 as tv for ps3 using hdmi

Hello, im trying use my dell inspiron 1525 as the monitor for my ps3 using a hdmi cable is this possible

Adding color to cell

Hello, I want, for example cell A1 to turn red if there is an entry put in cell C1

pc suite not working in win7

Hello, dear sir i can't able to axcess internet by my nokia6300 on pc with window 7 what can i do? when i connect through pcsuite the massage shown that "subscribe paket data first".pls solve my proab soon if u can?

Hide rows without conditional formatting [Closed]

Hello, I'm creating an Excel spreadsheet and want to give it a cleaner look by hiding the contents of a row based on the value of a cell in that row. For example, I want to hide b1:p1 if the value of a1 is blank. I can do it with conditional formatting, but I have 50+ rows and I only want them to show if there is a number in a1, a2, a3... Read more

my itunes library cannot be read because i [Solved/Closed]

Hello, hello world!!!? how can I get through this , I just recently used my itunes on my mac but all of a sudden when I open it says ,, THE FILE ITUNES LIBRARY CANOT BE READ BECAUSE IT WAS CREATED BY A NEWER VERSION OF I TUNES.. pls help me,,


Did you upgrade your itunes recently?

Answer MacOS

cant log into facebook

Hello, i have made a mistake when registering for facebook. my acconut has an error.

GTA 4 Patch [Solved/Closed]

Hello, For those who don't know, there is a new patch for GTA 4, here is the link Read more



Answer GTA

I can't hear the sound on rear speakers !

Hello, I have four speakers and I can't hear sound in rear speakers on windows 7 and my sound card is : realtek HD , I used latest driver but the problem is still running . thank for customer care team .


Hello, i cant sign into f.b ........ when i pen this site it shows me this message that " Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at" plz tell me what to do now. . how to resolve this poblem . . plz email me at Read more


Hello, Hello I am a beginner in p2p I usually downloaded with bittorrent, but I have a serious problem my download is: 1 kb / s I understand nothing help me please

my ipod's beeing weird

Hello, my iPod stopped working ages ago then when i plugged it in it came up 'plese connect to poower' then i left it for a while and it still didnt work, then today i plugged it in and all it does is have the apple sighn and nothing elece. help please? :D

dual xeon 2.4 PE 2600 wont install 64bit os

Hello, I've got a power edge 2600 running dual xeon 2.4 processors 2gigs of ram (pitty me) However when I attempt to install 2003 r2 x64 it says the cpu does not support 64bit o/s. It's setup as a logical process in the bios and I've jet to check the revisions and or do any updates to this unit. Has anyone see this problem is it a ... Read more

acer aspire one has no cd rom-

Hello, But my new Acer Aspire One pc notebook has no cd rom; how can I change Linux to XP operating systtem?

Torrents & Port Forwarding

Hello, can I download torrents by any type of internet connection? If yes, then how? I am using GPRS internet & using mobile as a modem.My modem speed is near about 20 mb/s. I tried to download torrents before by using Bit Torrent software, but it face port forwarding problems everytimes. How can I solve my problems? Read more

facebook and msn are hacked

Hello, my facebook has been hacked by sumbody and they are swearing at other people on my facebook, please can you delete my account. thank you!

cannot install quicktime

Hello, I recently had my cousin do a disk clean-up and defrag on my computer and in the process I accidently removed quicktime but still have itunes so my cousin just told me to download quicktime again and I have tried REPEATEDLY and it finishes downloading but nothing shows up I've tried looking it up on my computer search but no succes... Read more