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Formula in Excel to turn numbers into text [Solved]

Hello, I found formula but sir I want at last as per below. As per formula =words(1234) = one thousand two hundred thirty four But sir I want =words(1234) = one thousand two hundred thirty four only. So please send me update detail on my mail. Read more

How to change text in a cell based on another cell

I am working on an asset tracking sheet and I want to use conditional formatting to change the text in one cell based on the text in another. Reference: Currently the data in column F shows different available asset types. If that particular asset has a limited quantity, denoted by "PP" in that cell's text, I have a formula in the nex... Read more

tally problem

dear all i want to create a bill in tally erp9 and when i enter the date suppose 24/11/13 then cursor can't go on next text and if i enter 2/11/13 then cursor will go next text so what is this so please tell me the proper solution

I need to run multiple automatic macros in one sheet

I am developing a worksheet where there are multiple occasions down a list where users will have to select an option from a drop-down box (Y, N & N/A), and the result will mean the rows directly below this selection will either need to appear or disappear, dependant upon the selection. I have set up the macros for each of the sections ... Read more

date format

in MS-Excel, When i am sorting the dates in a column of format dd/mm/yyyy, say example 10/06/2007 and 02/10/2007, the sorted column shows 02/10/2007 in first row. Please suggest me, how can i solve this problem. tell me step by step

Help with macros in excel

Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help me in creating a macro file for excel....I am needing to save, print, and close an excel file at a certain time of the day...that has been opened thru tasked scheduler.....the file needs to saved with the current date and time in a specific folder. below is what I have so far does any one... Read more

Pls suggest for Excel

Dear all, Pls suggest for my following issue related to Microsoft Excel. I created a Report in Excel having many sheets. In all sheets, Subscription Dates are available. Now I want all Subscription dates on one sheet (say, on 1st sheet) automatically one the date of Subscription Ending, if file is opened on that date. Also... Read more

creating pdf from selected cell range [Solved]

Dear all, greetings. firstly , I would like to thank those who have helped me to get below code (to create pdf file for selected cell range) which worked nicely in excel 2007 (windows xp). I have been using this code since two years. I'm pasting the code below. This code is working nicely in XP. Recently I have upgraded my sys... Read more

macro [Solved]

Sub Macro1() ' ' Macro1 Macro ' Macro recorded 13/05/2013 by dhale ' ' Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+a ' Application.Goto Reference:="onecell" Selection.Copy ActiveWindow.SmallScroll Down:=-27 Range("E10").Select ActiveSheet.Paste End Sub This macro is supposed to copy informaiton from the named range to the c... Read more

one of the Thread marked as Solved [Solved]

Hello i have small doubt that is when a person ask a question then we / forum readers will replay to them. then the member replayed as his / her problem solved then the thread is marked as solved but if there is no replies from forum readers then how it is possible the thread is solved as a one of the thread is marked as solved t... Read more

extract data from other spreadsheets in the same document

Hello, I have about 100 sheets with different names in my excel document. I am trying to extract two numbers for each sheet into a summary sheet. I also want to match the name of the spreadsheet with the name in the summary sheet. I am starting using macros so I cannot figure it out. I really appreciate your help Configurati... Read more