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How to connect mobile internet to my PC [Solved/Closed]

Hello All Good Day i have small request that is I want to use internet in my home PC. So I tried to connect the mobile to PC with PC suite but I cant. My mobile is Samsung Duos galxy y light and I download the Kies PC suite and Operating System is Windows 7 Your reply is most valuable for me Thanks Patnaik

Invoice No [Solved]

Hello, After Long period i came here to ask some thing to my friends that is i want to raise the invoice as per the cell value i have given some example here that is Row ColumnA ColumnB ColumnC ColumnD 1 Bill No. Amount L...

Excel File is restrict to use the Internet and Taskbar

Hello Sir, Good Day i have a small doubt that is, is it possible to restrict the user to use the hole system when a particular excel is open, i mean, i have created one Data entry excel file when the file is open then no body can use the Taskbar, Internet, My Computer and internet also when the file is closed then user can access th...

Copy data from Master Sheet to Client Sheets

Hello All Good Day I Need Some help from you that is i want to copy the data from Master Sheet to Client Sheets with Criteria Columns for your better clarification i attach my file i think you face some problem with my language so once again i explain step by step 1. In...

one of the Thread marked as Solved [Solved]

Hello i have small doubt that is when a person ask a question then we / forum readers will replay to them. then the member replayed as his / her problem solved then the thread is marked as solved but if there is no replies from forum readers then how it is possible the thread is solved as a one of the thread is marked as solved t...

Zero Answer thread, Forum Rules, Posting a Sample File thread [Solved]

Hi I am very Glad to join in this Forum, i have some doubts they are 1. How can we find the Un Answer threads from the list ? 2. How can we refer some one else as your post is not in the forum rules ? 3. How can we give the link to post a sample files ? may be the above problems are stored in someother thread but i can't...

Microsoft Office Excel is Trying to Recover Your Information

Hello Please Help Me for the below given problem recently my system was formatted due to virus problem and I reinstall the Windows8 and Office2007 now my problem is when I work with my Excel Files after some time the error msg is displaying as "Microsoft Office Excel is trying to recover your information" some times it will reco...