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open pdf files on my phone?

Why can't I open pdf files on my phone? I also downloaded Adobe reader I am still getting a connection error what the heck geeez.

Just a question about babies eating

Hi Where I live, babies eat using a small spoon. What about in China? Toothpicks? If olive oil comes from olives, what about baby oil? ...while I'm here... If the temperature is 0 outside and the forecast is twice as cold for the next day, what will be the temperature?

i need vlc media player

this is siva and i am happy to register with your concern

deleting mails

Hello, I mailed my picture to my friend on gmail ID then i deleted that mail from my trash box(permanently) and my friend also deleted that mail from his trash boxl(permanently). then i deleted my gmail account. is possible to recovery that mail. i know that it will automatically get deleted by gmail. i am asking this just rply f... Read more

suddenly off within half n hour after unplugging from charging

hello everyone. .pls help me.... My laptop gets suddenly off within half n hour after unplugging from charging. when I again switch it on it shows full battery or % upto which battery was charged. .m not getting any solution why It gets suddenly off..plss help

Galaxy S4 Android 4.3.2 Power key to end calls

"Power key to end calls" is ticked and i cannot disable it irrespective of what i do. I un-tick the box , close the screen and when I return to it, the tick is back again! Any ideas on how to disable this option, please. TIA Glyn

C programming how to create multiplication table

I know there is a lot of answer this question but my is kind of different. I am trying to a multiplication table that gives the product when all pairs of numbers are multiplied. For example, it would look like this input a 3. Enter the size of the table: 3 0 0 0 0 0 1 2 3 0 2 4 6 0 3 6 9 Another example but with input of 5 0 ... Read more

Acer aspire stuck on black screen with curser

Hi, I have an acer aspire v5-571, I bought it just over a year ago now, it was working fine until recently I tried to turn it on and it took a while to get started, hardware seemed fine except it was taking a while to get things running, it took 5 minutes to move past the acer boot up screen and then it just became a black screen with a m... Read more