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January 30, 2009

Shutdown system by setting a timer cmd [Solved/Closed]

Hello, How can we shutdown our system by setting a shutdown time. For example if we want to shutdown my computer at 5.50pm how can we do it automatically. Is it need any extra software. If yes please send me a good link for that. Thank you......System Configuration: Windows XP Firefox 3.0 Read more


Hello, iam try to open my hot mail , but i dont know why its not opening pls help me thanks and regards kasim ali

Other window

Hello. I want to fix my problem. When I double click on C or D drives, it opens in the other window, not in the same! But only with the hard drives, with folders it's all ok. How to fix this problem? I tried any ways... "Folder options -> Open each folder in the same window" - doesn't work! Please help me! Read more

no respon when inserting cd inside my lappy

Hello, i hv da same prob too.and i really need help.its really hard for me to watch cd movies.because my laptop didnt response with any cd/dvd that i had insert.but i hear it is to solve this problem?

i lost my password

Hello, i lost my password and i've had it for 3 years so i cant remember its question every time i try to get it beck it only sends to its address so i cant read it and reset my email is please help me get it back thankyou Read more

want to format my pc but..

Hello, hi, i want to format my pc but each i format my pc a new windows option crates already there is 3 options which ocpied my c drive space now its almost full ,plz tell me how can i format my pc ;without creating new windos option and how i can make partiotions of my hasd disk. Read more

All drives are not open by double click & win [Solved/Closed]

Hello, My PC having four drive & it is not opening with double click & showing open with programm,even same error is showing when opening with explore.OS is XP. Regards Rajesh