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need help fixing my internet problems

Hello, why cant i browse the internet with my computer connection is good but, firefox says, firefox cant find the server at i have another computer on the same network and it seems to work fine. can some one please help me fix this problem. Configuration: Windows XP / Safari 531.9.1 Read more

Internet won't work but is connected.

Hello, My boyfriend has recently moved to London and taken his laptop to home recently. They got a sky pakage with the internet but it won't work on his laptop. It works fine for the other house mates, but not on his. The laptop says it has a good strong connection but it won't let him get onto Internet explorer. He rang sky and the... Read more

Error after installing windows 7 64 bit

Hello Sir, I am facing frequent error on my system after installing windows 7 64 bit, the system gets restarted frquently and displays the error which describes the problem and i have pasted it below. Please do the need full waiting for ur reply. Error shown by the system Problem signature: Problem Event Name: BlueScreen OS... Read more

WD Elements not being recognised properly

Hello, Okay guys, I have a WD Elements External HD and I have important things on there I need and for some reason it wont be recognised by my computer and ive also tried my laptop. I had previously just gone to europe on a holiday and I had taken my external there and then 1 night it decided not to work. Ive been looking around and s... Read more

transferring data from external hard drive

Hello, My old computer's motherboard went bad and was not able to be fixed so I bought a new computer with windows 7(I was running XP on the old computer). I have an external hard drive that has all my files, but I don't know how to get the data from the external hard drive to my new computer. Can someone help? JB Configuration: W... Read more

Windows XP HD problem

Hello, I recently purchased a new WD hard drive for my ultimate TV (DVR if you don't know what that is) because I thought the HD was bad. Well the drive wasn't the problem it was the motherboard, so I have another UTV unit that works fine and I wanted to install the new drive into the other UTV. It appears that UTV marry's the drive to... Read more

can sata & ide be ran at the same time?

i recently bought a samsung 1 tb sata hardrive (HD103SI). my motherboard has sata question is this, is it possible to hook-up and run both the sata hd and the 4 ide hds long enough to transfer info from ide's to the sata? if so, how? any info would be greatly appreciated!


Hello, how can i have my laptop with a 2.0 usb port run a printer with 1.0 usb interface? thqnks Configuration: Windows 7 / Internet Explorer 8.0


Hello, I would like to give grades and positions to different students in excel program(2003 and 2007 using if function), but I have failde to that. How do u go over it please? Configuration: Windows XP / Firefox 3.6.10

Xp not working

Hello, In cod6 mw2, i join my friends in private games and i kill and i do missions and i get xp. but at the end of the match, when they show the xp counter, i dont grow up a single xp point!! why is that happening? i have cod 6 version i'm still stuck on lvl 1...

laptop as internet provider for ps3

Hi! I'm getting kind of pissed after spending two days trying to figure out my problem, so if any of you guys could help me out, that would be great! See I'm using my laptop as an internet provider for my Ps3, it usually works great, but two days ago it wouldn't log on! the message I received was: the attempt to obtain an IP address t... Read more

Connect my ps3 to the net

Hello, I need some help connecting my ps3 to my pc and then get both to connect to the internet. My setup is as follows. Vista 64 bit with a usb 3g modem (I haven't got a wireless router). I want to connect the ps3 to the internet via my vista pc (I do have a spare bluetooth dongle which I am not currently using) Any help wi... Read more

Can't open any web browser

Hello, please anyone help me i can't open any web browser. I have Opera, Mozilla,Internet explorer and google chrome When I open Opera immediately it closes in 3 seconds when I open Mozilla it also closes in 3 seconds and gives me the crash report When I open Internet explorer it also closes immediately When I open google chrom... Read more

Needing an excel formula that has two if/then

Hello, I'm trying to come up with a formula that will pull data from a different tab, with two if/then statements. I need the data to pull if cell range I2:I56=October, but I only want it to pull if the same tab cell range E2:E56=Rep. I have tried all sorts of formulas and nothing is working. Any help is much appreciated. Here are... Read more

Copy multiple cells to workbooks faster?

Hello, I am trying to copy values from different worksheets and workbooks into a new worksheet. I know how to do this but it is very time consuming to type "=" then go click on each individual cell I want to copy over. Is there a way I can copy multiple values from other workbooks or worksheets at once (while maintaining their formu... Read more

Any one with help please??

Hi , im just wondering any one no why my saved work will not open after installing microsoft word 2010 and deleting the 2000 version, aprt from that anytime i try to open a pdf file from the net it does not open, but i can open word 2010 itself and type. Any one with help???

Copy values to validated cells

Hello, I have validated a cell to contain certain values only, say 1 and 0. But if i copy any value from anywhere and paste in the validated cell, it's just accepting without validations. Please help me in what needs to be done Configuration: Windows XP / Internet Explorer 7.0 Read more

Excel refernce to another worksheet

Hello, When I try to reference a cell in another sheet of the same workbook, I get the formula instead of the value. i.e. +"sheet 2"!G65 displays "+"sheet 2"!G65" instead of the value in G65. I have never experienced this problem before. Thank you, Configuration: Windows 7 / Firefox 3.6.10 Read more

hp palvilion screen cracked

Hello, my laptops screen is busted and i want to connect another monitor.i need to know can transfer files to my desktop computer? all of the fourms i read about connecting a laptop to a computer consisted of bringing something up and the laptop but i cant sooo....?.. please help! Configuration: Windows XP / Safari 533.16 Read more