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January 8, 2019

Witcher 3 low FPS at start

I recently bought a new laptop and I'm playing lots of games but I got a problem with Witcher 3. The game is running smooth but sometimes, at beginning of the game, it has really low FPS (10-16). But after some time, it is running smoothly again. Once, it is running smoothly after I am buying something in shops or after I press Windows bu...

Witcher 3 won't start my laptop

Hi, I've got a new laptop on Christmas. I installed Witcher 3. When updating was finished, I played it for maybe 30 minutes. Then I restarted laptop because OD AMD Radeon update. When I opened GOG again, I pressed play. I saw syncing Cloud files" message on screen. Nothing is happening except the syncing. The Play button was Green...

City Skylines can't save

Hi, I've recently bought City skylines on my crappy laptop. The game works fine, but when I wasn't to save it freeze and I can't click on anything after I Press ecs and click save. How can I fix it?

VLC grey and black scenes

I downloaded Logan in full HD quality but when I play it in VLC there is grey screen at beginning 20the centuryfox and marvel logos are normal but when the movie starts there is something like grey and black places I dunno how to explain it (look at picture) when there is part of movie in daylight for example scene with trucks is normal b...

No sound in earphones

Hi guys, I have recently bought new earphones, they worked good. Then I borrowed it to my friend cause she lost hers, and when she returned them, they weren't working properly. I had to move input plug, then they worked good but sometimes I must have done it more times because i heard just background music with buzzing but no speaking. Bu...