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Fujitsu laptop went off & wont turn on now? [Solved]

My fujitsu laptop was working fine, then it just suddenly went off, & now it wont turn back on, there is power to it-but when you try to switch it on-just nothing! any ideas Guys?

my laptop automatic shut off when i left open [Solved]

what can i do and how to fix it,when i'm using my laptop it is ok, but when i left it but still open,quickly shut off and if i press on the switch back to normal again...

my laptop won't start

My laptop is onbut the screen is black and the jaybirds won't work I connect the laptop to my desktop monitor But nothing happens the fan is working too my laptop model Toshiba satellite L500

Deskjet F4280 printer

I can't find my disk that my Deskjet F4280 printer came with and I would like to know how to download the software so that I am able to start scanning again. Configuration: Windows Vista / Internet Explorer 8.0

Hp Pavillion wont turn on

Hello, I was using my Hp pavillion and it suddenly clicked and died. The battery had already refused to charge before so I've had to keep it plugged in. Is it just dead? Configuration: Windows 7 / Chrome 33.0.1750.146

how to remove write protected [Closed]

Hello, my imation pendrive suddenly become write protected, I cant delete files nor transfer files. I cant use the format option as well. I had try on other PCs, win 7,win xp, it is write protected my antivirus do scan there are virus in it, but it cant be deleted as it is write protected! i been trying regedit,set 0 in w... Read more

Shortcut virus removal from pen-drive [Solved]

Whenever I am opening a new folder in pen drive it is becoming a shortcut and whatever file I am copying to it is going to a folder C:/Windows/System32. Rest of folders already created there have also been made shortcut with address C:/Windows/System32. Is it a virus, do not know how to remove the virus and restore the files. Please help ... Read more

How to delete a temporary profile in Windows 7. [Solved]

Hello, My Hp laptop has been showing pop ups showing that I am logged on with a temporary profile. How do I go about this problem because it keeps on creating for me a new desktop which is inconveniencing me a lot. I have even tried logging off as suggested but all in vain. Please help, thanks in advance.

Infected external HDD with autorun virus

Dear friends : This is my first question after joining this online community. Pls. help me in this difficult situation: I have been trying to recover the data in my 150 GB HDD ( external ) Samsung, since last two days! I have partioned the 150 GB into two logical partitions of 30 and 70 GB and the remaining portion is left raw witho... Read more