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dynamically add date to column area of pivot table - access 2007

Hello, i created a pivot table in access 2007 the structure looks like this vessel zone total 1-mar-12 5-mar-12 12-mar-12 25-sep-12 boat1 north 5 2 3 when user updates the table with a new date say 1-Oct-12, i need to automatically add this to the piv... Read more

move item from 1 listbox to another listbox [Solved]

Hello, need help on an excel listbox using vba. i've got 2 listboxes on a form. listbox1 is being populated from an excel sheet. i need to move items (either one by one or all items) from listbox1 to listbox2 on a single click and also have the ability to remove items from listbox2(either one by one or all items). any help would be... Read more

Can't add all songs from folder into itunes

Hi, There must be something I'm missing here.. Im trying to add my ~4,555 songs to my itunes library and it wont take them all. I tried the file>add folder way and dragging and dropping. I look up my question online but everyone seems to have specific differences to their questions.. Anyway, Itunes only recognizes ~3900 songs after... Read more

VBa Code Did't Open Workbook

Hello, I'm having a major headache in figuring out why the VBA code which I'm applying at my office computer seems to work perfectly but fail to work at my home computer. The code is simple, Sub OpenT1() Workbooks.Open ("C:\Users\azmi\Documents\n.xls") End Sub n.xls is my file name I keep getting error 1004 message , file ... Read more

Custom Function [Solved]

Hello, wud appreciate help on me building a custom function...i've written a function which shud do the following function in sheet A will get empid and date from sheet A, lookup the empid and date and get salary from sheet B, then based on salary amount , will lookup sheet C and get percentage, then salary / 12 * percentage is calcu... Read more