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files not deleted from USB, not formatted

Hello, I want to delete files from USB, but message appear: "cannot delete file: cannot read from the source of th disk" then i want to format it but it is also not formatted and message appears: "windows was unable to complete the format" Kindly help me in this regard. Thanks in advance Configuration: Windows XP / Opera 9.80 Read more

nokia 5530 memory [Solved]

Hello, Configuration: Windows Vista / Internet Explorer 8.0 how do u move the stuff to memory from phone momory ???? /:

how do i change my backround on a pc

Hello, Configuration: Windows 7 / Safari 533.16 i am having a problem where i cant change my desktop picture on the net book can somebody pleeezzzzz help me. im getting really irratated. i have a stupid computer i even tried everything and it didnt work can somebody pleeezzzzz help me. Read more

My screen gets white during full screen

Hello, Desperately need help. Have a really old (5+ years system) Mac G4 OSX 10 ver 10.3.9 The video display goes to white when the system starts up. (monitor is fine) How do I get this back to normal? My work depends on this, PLEASE help.

F1 2010 download won't launch

Hello, I downloaded the F1 2010 and clicked on "launch this game". I waited for an hour but nothing happened. Any ideas please as to why it won't work. Configuration: Windows Vista / Internet Explorer 8.0

facebook in english

Hello, I need the facebook in english. I went through the system given advices as well. But the problem is as i type, everything is coming in Korea language as yo advices, to click on the language on the bottom left, i do not see even a single english letter on that page.please give me a fast sulution. Configur... Read more

Call of Duty black ops steam must be running [Solved]

Hello, After, I installed my pc game Call of Duty black ops, I have been receiving this error message: "Steam must be running to play this game". My game is original. Please help! Read more

flash player needed for china java mobile [Solved]

Hello, can any one guide me how can I view videos on my china java mobile F006. a flash player is needed for it. plz urgent reply

outlook won't open word attachments [Closed]

Hello, I have Microsoft office 2003 and Windows XP home. When I try to open an email attachment that is a word document Outlook crashes. This happens with both attachments I have opened in the past and still have in Outlook and new ones. Photo's and PDF attachments open fine. The problem started yesterday about a day after I scanned the... Read more

I accidentally deleted the "messages" icon [Solved/Closed]

Hello, I accidentally deleted the "messages" app on my iPhone 4, can anyone help me to recover it? thank you very much!!!! Configuration: Windows Vista / Firefox 3.6.12

acer wont power up

Hello, i have a acer aspire thet wont power up the two orange lights flash but there is no power there to start it up could you please help me many thanks kerry x :) Configuration: Windows 7 / Internet Explorer 8.0

X330 driver/suite [Solved]

Hello, I've a Micromax X330 phone. There was no cd of PC Suite has been provided with the phone. From where I can get the Pc Suite and Device Drivers for my X330 phone compatible for Windows VISTA so that I can connect my laptop with X330 and access Internet. I've checked the Micromax site, it does not provided the same. Please help. ... Read more

samsung corby is switching off whenever i dow

Hello, i hav buyed samsung corby plus 1 month back but it is switching off whenever i download a file can anyne help me pls???????????? Configuration: Windows XP / Safari 534.10

lg flatron w2230s doesnt stay on

Hello, ok so to explain this simply, i turn my pc on and the screen shows things for 2 seconds and then goes black, ive tried it on 2 diff pc's and it does the same thing, if i turn the power of the monitor off and back on i get another 2 seconds of seeing windows then black again. the monitor was working fine for 9 months then then fl... Read more

internet problem

Hello, i had a docomo prepaid connection and nokia cellphone. i had a problem, when i use inernet in my phone it runs quite good but when i connect phone to pc and wants to run there it takes too much time to open a web page (sometime a hour). i installed the window again but it also not worked. plz plz solve my problem Configura... Read more

2gb memory card pasword nokia 5233 [Closed]

Hello, dear i lost my 2gb memory card pasword nokia 5233 how can i unlock it? plz help me Configuration: Windows 7 / Internet Explorer 8.0

Ipod Classic not working

Hello, I;ve tried pressing the centre button and the top button, The apple logo then appears but when I try to put it into disk mode by pressing the centre button and the bottom button all it shows is a red circle and the apple support website. Any idea's, please?

How to put CD's into iTunes with out internet [Solved]

Hey everybody I just bought a new ipod touch and I downloded iTunes but I don't have internet enymore so I can't down load my music into my iPod Thanks Windows XP

anybody help me for restriction code [Solved]

Hello, Dear friends , I have nokia 6610, its fine working but suddenly yesterday my handset switched off and when i on it, its on but i faced one big problem its show restriction code. i switched off and on many times but same Please anybody help me how to get restriction code free of cost. ... Read more