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March 19, 2009

Internet Explorer Sucks!!!

Hello, Internet Explorer refuses to open my facebook homepage. Itype in my e-mail and Password it goes to load it up and then I get a box which says Internet Explorer cannot open facebook homepage and then I have to shut it down cause then it goes to Intenet explorer cannot open webpage diagnose connection problem blah blah b... Read more

Computer won't load into BIOS - please help!

Hello, I have a really annoying problem. When I turn on my laptop, the HDD LED comes on for about 3 seconds and the fan spins up, but then the fan stops and the HDD LED goes off, then it all comes back on again about 1-2 seconds later, then all turns off again for good about 3 seconds after that. What is wrong with this? I have ta... Read more

Compare names for match in 2 columns

Hello, I am trying to pull/filter a subset of names (formatted "First Last") where a matching name is found in a second column. I have tried using the vLookup feature but have yet to succeed. Can anyone help?

iPod Nano 8GB... USB problem? [Solved]

Ok well just yesterday I tried to plug my ipod into the computer because it needs recharging and I wanted to add some songs and a couple of videos. The problem is, I plug the USB into the ipod THEN my computer and it beeps 3 times and doesn't connect my ipod, there are NO pop up messages telling me that there's an error or it wont connect... Read more