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folder named PRINT is not shown in some computer

Hello, With my pen drive I see one weird issue. All folders are visible on my Laptop (Windows 7), however when I visit any cyber cafe and connect to a machine, it does not display "PRINT" folder !!!! I tried most of the options, could not solve the mystery.

problem downloading a video

Sir I want to download the YouTube videos directly to my sd card, but it goes to my phone's internal memory. Please tell me how I can solve this problem.

No sound on my sony vaio laptop

i can't get ant sound from my laptop,tried everything like updating the driver,checking all the setting its all fine, Restoring the system to an earlier point and finally formatted my laptop it even doesn't work for me.......... can any one help me plsssssssssss.....

How To Remove Shortcut Virus On Computer [Solved]

Hi, Everyone ! I have a shortcut virus on my Flash drive ! Then I tried to fix it using "Attrib -h -d -r /d /s Drive:\*.*" but it will return like a shortcut !! Then how should I remove the virus without using Attrib Command !! then how I protect my computer on contamination of shortcut virus ! Read more

Dell laptop has no audio

Modell inspieon with windows 8 has no audio out even though every speaker icon shows is working. Was working great for over six months.


Hello, what is the best antivirus for the windows 8.Give me the solution urgently,i am getting so confuse,for selecting the best antivirus for my windows 8.

please video tutorial regarding the installation of windows 8. [Solved]

hi I want to install windows 8 but i can't. I would be great if any body help me by giving a video tutorial regarding the installation of windows 8.

Problem with installation [Solved]

Hello, I just downloaded windows 8.1 ISO in my computer. But instead of installing it directly i extracted the contents and deleted the iso file. Now when I try to install by clicking the setup icon the wizard shows "almost ready" and exits and all the open windows are closed and nothing else happens. I don't know what to do any sugg... Read more

Forgot password for administrator on my laptop sony

Hello, How can I reset password for administrator the system is windows 7 premium and is a sony bios laptop Configuration: Windows 7 / Mozilla 11.0