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October 11, 2008

MS Word 2000 print preview incomplete

Hello, I'm unable to view my complete word document in the print preview. only 3 quarter of the page shows. when this document is printed, its become smaller and the printed info in on the upper right corner of the A4 paper. Anyone can help me with this. Regards, Gan Read more

sound driver realtek r1.28

Hello, i need a realtek high definition sound driver alc861 r1.28 for free download. I have got toshiba satellite m100 notebook

Interconnect wired and wireless using laptop?

Hi, I need to network two laptops and a desktop.. The two laptops are easily connected using wireless lan.. Now by connecting one of them to the desktop by an ethernet cable, can i set up a network involving all three computers? I tried age of empires lan game between the three and everything goes fine until the final step where it fa... Read more

script host

Hello, in my laptop having xp professinal at the opening shows can not find script file c\windows\system32\secure guard.vbs please solve my problem.

how to fix a problem in my laptop

hello my lap top was fully infected with viruses so i decided to reformate computed had only one hard disc only C so i decided to portion it in two picec C and E but when reformating finished i opened my computer and saw that portion E was not display so i started reformating again this thime i reformated only D .the problem that ... Read more

Wierd Noises, Now Wont Start & a Red Light

Hello, First my computer would start shutting down randomly and the internal speaker would make weird noises until I flipped the switch in the back of the computer and then just restarted it back up. Well today it did that but now it won't start back up and I have some extra (2 ports) USB port plugged in the back of the computer that ... Read more