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September 2, 2008

DVD-RW in new case no longer plays lil help?

Hello, I have a DVD-RW drive that came out of a complete gateway that was bought off the line with everything already installed and running, like one of those package deals you get from Wal-Mart. We were having problems with electrical in our house burning out the computer, but thought it was actually the computer burning itself out. We ... Read more

web cam wont work

Hello, i have a webcam on my laptop and in the installation there is two drivers and ive installed the first one it wasnt working so i installed the second it was working fine till this morning. anyone know how i can make things alright please? thank you for your interest Read more

changing fom dial up to Lan on ME

Hello, I recently purchased a CNet wireless-g usb dongle (adaptor) to connect to the computer in my son's room that runs on Windows ME, so he could wirelessly get on the internet in his room. I had previously used a dial up connection with this computer, and I cannot change over the connectivity for some reason. I have gone in and tried ... Read more