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August 6, 2008

HELP I have uninstalled my CD/DVD-ROM driver! [Solved/Closed]

Hey guys OMG please help me out. I would really rather not see a tech if it is possible but if I have to, I guess I have to. Okay well vista is very lame and seems to be all honkey dorey in the beginning and horrible within the year. anyway, I have a HP pavillion dv2000, vista premium, and I have uninstalled the driver, does anyone know h... Read more

how to put photos on ipod nano 8gb [Solved]

i its my second problem with my ipod nano 8gb i don't know how to put photos on it if you know how then help me couse im realy upset with this help me please

roll back windows xp

Hello, i wanted to know if its possible to roll back to windows xp? i just installed windows vista on my laptop and im not used to it at all.. thank you

Internet Explorer (Vista Verison) is corrupt

Hello, Internet Explorer is corrupted. I need to know how to go about uninstalling the verison that is on my Vista package. I am interested in reinstalling IE Beta 2 on the puter. I have ran several tests and the test that I just now finished shows over 1400 things wrong with IE. Read more

gta 4

Hello, my systems configuration is hp pavilion a6120in 1526mb ram ddr2 window vista home basic intel gma 950 graphics directx 9 realtak high definition audio do you think? this is the right configuration for gta Read more

OS 9.1 and os 10.1 dual boot

Hello, I have a client that has a G4 with a 60 gig hard drive and os 9.1. She wants to keep the current version of her movie program, but needs to update to 10 for internet. We purchased a 300 gig hard drive and partitioned it 3 ways (100 gig each) I installed os 10 on one partition and made the other 2 storage. I installed the hard ... Read more