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Samsung NP-R620 turn on but no activity.

Hi All, I'm having a problem any expert help me please. Samsung NP-R620, laptop is turning on but no beep and no display, no external display and no fan spinning. I can turn the laptop on with the power button and can turn off. I replaced the ram with working one but problem is same. The battery connector getting 3.3V all aroun...


Hi, I've a Compaq CQ58 doesn't turn on. Any idea please. I tried removing battery connected power cord then try to turn on but no result, removing ram changing ram slot still no luck. Fan is not spinning. Is it the bios problem. Do I've to reprogram the bios chip? Thanks guys.

thosbia satellite c660d-144 black screen [Solved]

Hi, Can someone help me please with my problem. My Toshiba Satellite C660D-144 has black screen and keyboard lights stays on. I've tried to flash the bios through usb from Toshiba website the exact model bios, but it didn't work. And tired to flash with (USB Programmer CH341A) but nothing is working. Its bricked do I need SPI flash and ...