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April 29, 2018
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August 23, 2019

No Sound [Solved]

I'm not able to get sound from my computer's speakers from a line connected source. The signal is being received into the computer (Dell XPS) as showing on the VU meter but no sound from the speakers. All other media works (CD, youtube etc.) Anyone have an idea to get me up and running? Thanks, Clyde

blank screen

Has anyone revived an almost dead display screen on a Creative Zen Microphoto? I can barley navigate to play music which still sounds great, but not other navigation due to lack of contrast is possible. Thanks Clyde

Google Calendar icon displays wrong date [Solved]

Hi, This is my first on the CCM site, great to be here! My Google Calendar icon on my laptop does not display current-date. Can someone help to correct? Thanks, Clyde