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Copy rows from Excel to another sheet once a date in a specific field is filled [Solved]

I have a current spreadsheet that lists our customers, job names, and delivery dates for the materials. I would like to have those lines copy automatically to another sheet once the delivery date is filled in. Is there a code to do this? I am trying to avoid the need to type all of this information on both sheets of the spreadsheet. Any h... Read more

Excel VBA Sorting Problem

Hello, This code is placing all the header names in the last row after sorting in descending order. Can you please help how to keep the position of column names fixed?

Use of '@' in formulae [Solved]

Hi, I have received a spreadsheet with cells in column E containing the following formula [@[Retail Price]]/[@[Pack Size]]*100 Where the "Retail Price" and "Pack Size" are headings for columns C and D. That formula is repeated exactly in all cells in column E and it does the calculation for each row based on the content of the ... Read more

Code to move rows into another sheet based on certain values [Solved]

Hello, I'm having trouble figuring out how to do something! I have a sheet (Design) with work order details on it (columns A-J will have data in). I want to be able to write "100%" in column G of the row in particular if the customer's contract has been completed and this cause the entire row to be cut and pasted into the completed she... Read more

Copy rows to other sheets based on value in column [Solved]

Hello, I have copy and pasted the code used to solve the problem for the question which began this thread. I have 6 tabs into which I want to copy data based on inputs in column E. I have named my tabs, but I can't see that this should be a problem. code is below and data Sub TransferData() Dim ar As Variant ... Read more

Copy Template, Rename based on a reference list from a different spreadsheet

Hello: I am trying to make copies of a template in a worksheet, and rename those worksheets from a list on a separate worksheet. Currently my template sheet is what I want to copy. The number of copies will be based on a list of dates on a separate worksheet within the same workbook. For instance, I need to copy my template (worksh... Read more

Formula to subtract one cell value from another.

Hello, I am trying to do a formula that would subtract cell a2 from a1 if cell a3 has "Closed" in it. Is this possible?